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Monday, June 29, 2009

Questions Answered!

Hello! Hope your weekend was as sweet as ours was!! :)


So, I figured that tonight I would take the time to answer those questions of yours! :) Sit back, relax and enjoy. For I hope you do.


I'm wondering where you get your fabric? I love the curtains you made! I need some cute prints for curtains in my toy/family room! Any suggestions?

I get this question a lot! Thanks so much to those of you that compliment me on my fabric choices. Sometimes I wonder if I chose good ones, and you always seem to give me the confirmation when I need it. ;)

I get most of my fabrics on Etsy. I am a loyal customer, so I only shop at 2-3 different stores, unless I must have a fabric that my fabric suppliers aren't currently offering. The following shops offer a huge variety of fabulous fabrics, as well as excellent customer service, and genuineness.

Fabric Supplies [I shop here most often]
Fabric Worm
Lanie Jane [they have a website, which they use exclusively now: Lanie Jane

Like I said, I do occasionally shop others, like Fabric Closet, lollipop shoppe, Hypernoodle2, and My Heart and Sew. These shops have 1-2 fabrics I need that some of the others don't, so they have been my go to shops if the first 3 don't have what I am looking for.


How did you decide on the names for your girls?

This is a fun one! It's not a super entertaining story, I'm afraid, but I will tell anyway. ;) Angelina literally came from Angelina Jolie. No. I am not kidding. LOL! I really like her as an actress, and think she is quite beautiful. Not to mention, Angelina seems to be quite a rare name these days, and as the case is, I love rare names. I don't like such rare names that they are made up and they sound horrible. And I am really anal about having a name that someone I know already has or has chosen for their children. But, since most of my friends weren't pregnant at the time of Angelina's birth, her name was fine. So there is Angelina's name. Her middle name is Skye. I wanted to actually name her Skye, but Mike didn't want that. He said it sounded to hippy. I also wanted to name her Jocelyn, but Mike didn't want that either. I still to this day love the name Jocelyn. It's such a lovely name. But, Angelina fits her to a T.

Zoe got her name because, A. Angelina and I LOVED it, and B. It was an agreeable name with Mike. Mike and I had a boy's name all picked out, even though we were 99.9% sure we were having another girl. LOL! But, Mike was pretty hard to sway from his #1 name choice. Dare I even say it? First off, sorry if you have any kids with this name. He wanted the name Josephine. And, I just couldn't do it. And so many people we knew didn't favor it either. Not in the least. He just would not budge on that name. Why? Who the heck knows?! He thought we could nickname her Josie or Joe or something. But why not just name her her nickname, right? LOL! So, anyway. After many weeks and weeks of begging and arm twisting, he finally agreed to the name Zoe. And her middle name was always to be Rae no matter what the first name was. Rae was Mike's grandmother's middle name, and to carry on the memory of her life, we always knew that one of our girls' middle names would be Rae. And Zoe, actually was the PERFECT name, because as most of you know. Zoe was born 10 weeks premature. The name Zoe means "Life". Perfect! :)


I have questions about camera lenses... I have a pentax k200.. right now i only have the 18-55mm... I want to get a 70-300mm or something in that range... wondering what brand you suggest... I found a couple different ones for under $200 but wondering what you would suggest...

I suggest getting prime lenses. Also known as fixed lenses. I have a 75-300mm in my camera bag that I VERY rarely ever use. I mostly shoot right up on my subjects, and therefore prime lenses are the best for me. A prime lens means that the lens does not zoom in and out. You as the photographer are the actual zoom. In order to get closer, you walk closer, and vice versa. Prime lenses are the best lenses I own, and many of my photographer friends only use primes. Their images always seem to come out so crisp and clear... unless shooting a 2 year old jumping bean, of course. ;) I own a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens as well as my most recent birthday present, my Canon 35mm 2.0 - lenses are expensive!!! But, they are the most vital part to taking pictures. Great quality glass [lenses] lead to great photographs.


Do your little ones do ballet? I saw an older video of Angelina.

Angelina and Zoe aren't currently enrolled in ballet. I am getting ready to enroll them in swim lessons, though. ;) Angelina and Zoe both used to do ballet. Angelina for several years until recently. That's another story, though. :)


How do you decide what fabrics to pick for your shop?

Honestly? I am usually re-ordering fabric that I am about out of, and just so happen to come across a fabric I can't live without. So, I get it. Sometimes, however. I have been asked for that certain fabric, or I see what fabrics are most popular so I can appeal to those that like the fabrics that are most popular. I usually look at the fabric for about 5 minutes [literally] thinking if it would work as a camera strap slipcover. Not all fabrics will. Since my camera strap slipcovers are only about 2.5" wide or so... only certain fabrics will work. The funny thing is... so many times I have bought fabrics that I think aren't going to sell well, and they sell like crazy. Funny how that works. ;) I just LOVE fabric, so I like to experiment.


Are there any new items for your shop in the works?

Actually, yes! :) I have lots of ideas, and I certainly welcome any ideas you may have too! I will have more time here very shorty to work on some new stuff, and then I will share them with you, of course. ;) My turnaround time will be coming down drastically by the end of this week too. Stay tuned for that!


I know Christmas time was super busy for your business, what other
time of the year is busy for you?

Christmas time was busy, but in no way was I prepared for March, April and May of this year. That's not to say that I am complaining, because I certainly am not. ;) I am so appreciative of each and every customer that visits and buys from my shop. Words could not express how thankful I feel! March started a frenzy in my shop! I had over 150 orders in 1 week, and in the rest of that month I had over 300 orders! April was close to as many as March and May there were a lot of sales too! I had to hire an assistant to help me. I was simply buried up to my eyeballs. LOL! It was wonderful, though! That was the reason my turnaround time was so long... I just couldn't get them made fast enough. So, thank you everyone for loving my product so much! I was and still am beside myself! My shop turns turn ONE in August! My husband and I were just talking about some big plans for the birthday. :) Thanks are in order to all of you out there! Stay tuned!!


Now that you've moved, what is your next BIG project
(besides unpacking and decorating that is)?

Wow. This is a tough one. I think my most ambitious project/goal right now is to eventually open my own fabric shop website/Etsy shop. I love fabric so much that being surrounded by it all the time would just make me happy. Not to mention... think how pretty walls of fabric bolts would be! Oh how lovely! :) I have been finding that fabric is quickly becoming a passion of mine that I don't want to let die out. I get like a child on Christmas morning everytime a fabric I ordered comes in. Even if it's Black and White Damask, which I order tons of. :) Fabric makes me happy, so why not surround myself with it? Now, this goal isn't going to be one that starts for a while, but as ambitious as I have become, I think I can make it happen some day - hopefully soon.

Of course the project that overshadows everything is just that of being a good mother. I strive to be the best mom I can be everyday. I am so far from perfect, but I try my best. I have a lot of goals for the future, so who knows what will happen! So many goals, so little time! I better get moving. ;)

And, yes. I do have projects I need to start working on for my home. For the girls mainly. I am thinking about making Angelina a quilt for Christmas. Something that she can always cherish. Something special just for her. I know she would adore something like that. For Zoe, it's all about Owls and woodland creatures for her room, so I need to get moving on that. All in good time. :)


You seem to be a highly productive person, working on your shop items, reading, spending time w/ your many hours of sleep do you average? LOL!!

LOL!!! This is so funny! Thank you for this question, I literally burst out laughing when I read it. ha ha. I don't get a ton of sleep... but I do get a decent amount. My whole life I have been a night creature it seems. I just love night time, and don't seem to want to sleep until past midnight every night. If I am in bed before midnight, you KNOW I was exhausted. ha ha!

Let's see... I am productive sometimes, but I am lazy at heart. So many days there is nothing I want more than to lay in bed and read all day and do absolutely nothing. Now how do I convince my kids that this would be fun? Ha! Very funny! ;) I am not a clean freak, but so strive to keep the house at least semi clean for my husband's sake. Because, my husband is a neat freak. But, over the years, he has learned that I am set in so many of my ways that changing me is never going to happen. But I also try and occomodate him as well. Do the dishes [I have a dishwasher now, so it's super easy], sweep, vacuum, mop, etc. His weakness is clean sheets, so I know if the house is a mess all I have to do is change the sheets on our bed, and everything in his world will be OK. ;) My husband does ALL of the laundry, because he's awesome like that. Everything else I just do when I do it. The toilets are where my freakiness comes out. I must have a clean toilet, and sometimes I clean my toilets 2-4 times a week just so I know they're clean. Toilets are NASTY! But, we must have them, because going outback in an outhouse would just be so much worse, don't you think? LOL! I think I am getting SO offtrack here.

Anyway. I read every single night. Even if it's 1 page. I just have to do it. Reading for me is just a pure, wonderful and blissful escape. And it's making my brain work, so that's excuse enough for me. I do read A LOT and sometimes I am up until 2am with that amazing page turner, but then I regret it big time in the morning. ha ha! I never make an excuse of being too busy for it either. Because I think reading a good book just aids in making my day better. After my kids go to bed at night, I usually sit down and read for a couple of hours until I am ready for bed. Reading doesn't make me tired if the book is good, and lately I have read SO many good ones! I have a book recommendation post coming soon!

I have had to change a lot too to make time work for me. My kids are always number 1. So, I make time for them no matter what deadlines are looming. Naptime is a crucial work time for me. A productive nap time ensures that I don't have to work at night, because that would be cutting into my time with my husband as well as my reading time, blog time, or whatever I want to do time. I hate working at night, and therefore strive to get as much done during naptime as I can. Sometimes I work a little after my kids are up from their nap/rest, but I try not to. My kids are pretty independent, so they play alone a lot or together. Of course, we play games together, or sing. We also love having dance parties! That's a fun calorie burner for ya! ;) So, basically, I have my day roughly scheduled out so I know what I need to do. Since owning my own business it's been crucial to do so.


I am quite jealous of your new crafty space. But where or where
are the pictures of Rob??

HA HA!!! Funny how you noticed Rob was missing. :) Don't you worry your pretty little heads! Rob is still around... I just need to find a good spot for him. I will be sure and take a picture of his new spot in my office. Likely watching over me while I sew. ha ha.

Thanks for the love on the new house! We are absolutely loving this house as well. I am especially loving my sewing studio/office/own space! SO nice to be nice and cool when I sew! And we moved just in time! It's been quite sweltering lately!


Well, I hope you enjoyed the Q&A!! I sure did! And, I hope I answered all of your questions!! If not, shoot me an email! I love questions!

Thank also for reading my blog!! I am so flattered that you all love this little piece of cyberspace enough to come and check it out. It means a lot to me! I love every comment you leave me, and I visit a lot of you as well! Leave me a comment, and I will go to your little chunk of cyberspace and leave you one as well!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make Believe

In the land of mommy's studio make believe, do you know what happens?

Interfacing turns to a belt ...


Selvage becomes a jump rope ...





And fabric dreams come true...


And every lives happily ever after.





Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming Home


My girls will be home tonight! :D While my husband and I have had a BLAST, we are excited for our 2 balls of chaos to come home. All will be normal again. This will be a yearly thing. I am glad for it. Not just because Mike and I get 3 weeks of alone time, and do whatever we want time. I am glad for it, because it's precious time my girls will have with their Grandma and Papa. I think it's great they have that to look forward to. So many memories waiting to happen in the arms of their grandparents. :)

OK. I am not able to stay long, but I did work on something for Angelina's room last night, and I wanted to share. It's always nice for me to be able to sit down and sew something DIFFERENT! ;) Gives me a little break from the same ole thing. I made some curtains for her room as a surprise! She will love them...


It was really hard to get good pictures of them. Sad to say I failed! LOL! I will have to try again when the sun moves to the other side of the house.


I ordered some prints for my girl's bathroom and bedrooms... the bathroom ones I showed already... here is the one I got for Angelina. It suits her well. :)


And, this is what it says...


OK! Gotta go! They will be home by 7:30ish!



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have A Question?

Hey everyone! Once again, I have been slacking on the posts! I just can't figure out what to post about! :) So..... let's do another Question and Answer post!!! You question, I will answer. I already have a couple of questions to answer, so let's do some more!

Tomorrow starts giveaway week over at The Vintage Pearl. *Shey*[B] is up on the first day! Go on over and enter to win! There will be a lot of great shops offering up goodies on her blog, so go check it out! ;)

Tuesday evening my kids will be home!!! I can't believe how fast the time went! It's crazy to think 3 weeks passed in a blur. Mike and I have had a lot of fun! We have gone out to eat, stayed in - watched the complete True Blood series, and some other shows as well. I have read a few books. We moved! Etc etc. This time with Mike has been invaluable to us! It's been super great. We are looking forward to having our kids back, though. We miss them terribly!!

OK, off I go to enjoy more alone time with husband. He is working on the couch, and I am going to read. ;)

Go ahead... ask me some questions if you want. You can leave them in the comments section or you can email them to me:



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please, Come on in!

Welcome! Would you like a little peek of our new house? Please... come on in. But first! Someone wanted to pop in the blog and tell her favorite person, Angelina, that she misses her!


OK. Right this way...

Here is my new studio!! :) It's in the house! I am super happy about this.


It is not done yet, but I have unpacked most of my stuff. I want to decorate it! :D Oh the possibilities!


bolts! ;)


Books I've read... there have been more read, but I sold quite a few.


Books waiting to be read...


The girl's/guest bathroom...


Are these prints cute??? LOVE them!


Our kitchen...



And... the best part? Besides my studio/office of course! :)


A salt water pool!!! :D Salt water pools are easier on your skin, eyes, and swim suits. ;)

Well, that's the new place... I will get pictures of the rest of it when I am completely done unpacking! I love this house, and know we will live here for a long time!

Moving went pretty smoothly other than the dresser falling into an antique cabinet and shattering the glass. Oh, and my husband swearing that we are never ever ever ever moving again. LOL! I hope that's true. At least I hope to not move for a VERY long time! ;)

OK! I am off to read. What's new? Anything?



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

I am in the middle of packing and moving over here, so I must make this brief. But, I do promise that my blog will be more interesting very soon!! I will load it up with inspiration and other fun stuff, including my "What can we cook on the asphalt in the summer in Arizona" series. ;) That should be interesting. ha ha! So, stay tuned!!! I miss writing for fun!

For now... your winner is....

#19 - Jennifer!!!

Congratulations, Jennifer! Please email me... the link to my email is to the right of my blog ------->

Now, everyone else.... head over to Julie's shop and treat yourself to the cuteness there!

Back to moving chaos!



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A "Messy" Giveaway!!

Certainly you have heard of the blog Joyshope, no? If you haven't, then you are so missing out! :) You need to hurry over to her blog by clicking here, bookmark it, and then, come back! Her blog is great! She blogs about anything from quoting phenomenal Bible verses to sewing pretty things, tutorials, giveaways, and more!!! Oh, and we can not forget about her 3 BEAUTIFUL little girls!!! Go see for yourself. They are darling.

The funny thing about Julie [said blog's owner] is that we went to the same high school! Her husband was in the band, The Supertones. My best friend at the time and I used to go to a lot of Supertones concerts! Julie knows a lot of my friends from high school too. It totally cracked us up to find out how small this world really is. I follow Julie on Twitter, and she follows me. We tweet back and forth to each other daily, and we had a nice phone conversation a couple of weeks ago. It's so fun reconnecting! :) Julie, I look forward to many more phone conversations for years to come!

Today, Julie has offered 1 person ANY ONE THING in her shop! Ummmm, awesome, right? You bet! She makes to totally awesome, Messy Flower Headbands, pins and clips!!! Tell me you've see her shop!!! No? Well, you will after today!

Check out some of her messy flower designs! She even has one named Zoe!


There isn't an Angelina, but Angelina's middle name is Skye...




My girls would love these! Heck they would even look fab on YOU ladies!!!


She even makes signs!! I love them. :)


I know you are all hopping up and down in your seats wanting to figure out how we play this little giveway game here on, The Benner Daily, aren't you? OK, I won't make you wait any longer. ;)

You don't have to participate in everything... if you just want to leave a comment, that is fine too. :)

1. Visit her shop. Come back and let me know your favorite item.
[this will truly be a toughy!]
2. Visit her blog. Leave her a comment.
3. Follow her on Twitter.
4. Follow me on Twitter. Or my shop's Twitter, *Shey*[B]. Or both! ;)
5. Follow my blog.
6. Let all of your Facebook friends know.
7. Blog about it.
8. Tell me how long you've been following my blog.

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON SATURDAY MORNING - AROUND 11:37 IN THE MORNING. [mountain/pacific standard time]

OK, get to entering! ;) New camera strap slipcovers are in my shop NOW!!! Check them out HERE. Also... Julie is doing a giveaway for a camera strap slipcover over on her blog!!! You'll see when you get there. ;)



Monday, June 8, 2009

If I Had Lots Of Money...

I think I would buy 1 of each... some of them would require 2 or more. ;)

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Will be back in a bit with new camera strap slipcovers - and maybe a giveaway. ;)



Friday, June 5, 2009

Books For Sale!!

OK, everyone! I have some books for sale if you're interested!!! :)

The following is what I have...

Frozen Fire [hardback] - good!

Deadly Little Secret [hardback] - very good!

Speak [paperback] - good!

Bleed [paperback] - good!

The Vampire Diaries [reading the 3rd one right now] - [paperback] - Awesome!

The Secret Circle [LOVED these!!!] - [Paperback]

Night World #1 [paperback] very good!

The Forest of Hands and Teeth [LOVED this one!! - hardback]

$5 for paperback - $10 for hardback. Let me know if you're interested by emailing me: shealynn AT



Interested in a Giveaway?

Hey all! Just wanted to drop in and let you know there is a giveaway going on over at Brassy Apple. Go win a camera strap slipcover!! You don't have to enter in T-Shirt tutorial to be entered. All you have to do is leave a comment! But, check out her blog anyway!!! She has some awesome stuff on there!!!

Off to do some work. I am sick, which really just sucks, but I am pushing through it. Mike took me out to dinner and a movie last night. We saw Terminator. It was pretty good, and it didn't hurt that Christian Bale was in it. :D



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hello friends!

i am back home from north carolina. my children are with my parents for the next few weeks! i miss them sooo much already, but can't wait to hear about all of the adventures they embark on. :) i did well up with tears on the plane. i wasn't sobbing, of course [didn't want to freak out the guy next to me]. ha ha! but the tears did spill over a little. :) being without them for so long will be hard, but it i think it will be fun for mike and i, and i know it will be fun for my girls. a yearly event to look forward to.

we will be very busy while they are gone. why? i am so glad you asked, because now i can tell you! we are MOVING! :D not out of state... just to a different - bigger house. i will have my own sewing studio, and our master bedroom is huge, and and and... there is a pool! in our backyard! a salt water pool with a waterfall! SO excited! we begin moving in next week, i will share pictures then, as i have non right now. lol!

well, i need to go. i am ready to just relax. i am a little tired. and, i will be working a lot while my girls are gone. my turnaround time should go down, which is fantastic.

bye for now! how are you all doing?