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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please, Come on in!

Welcome! Would you like a little peek of our new house? Please... come on in. But first! Someone wanted to pop in the blog and tell her favorite person, Angelina, that she misses her!


OK. Right this way...

Here is my new studio!! :) It's in the house! I am super happy about this.


It is not done yet, but I have unpacked most of my stuff. I want to decorate it! :D Oh the possibilities!


bolts! ;)


Books I've read... there have been more read, but I sold quite a few.


Books waiting to be read...


The girl's/guest bathroom...


Are these prints cute??? LOVE them!


Our kitchen...



And... the best part? Besides my studio/office of course! :)


A salt water pool!!! :D Salt water pools are easier on your skin, eyes, and swim suits. ;)

Well, that's the new place... I will get pictures of the rest of it when I am completely done unpacking! I love this house, and know we will live here for a long time!

Moving went pretty smoothly other than the dresser falling into an antique cabinet and shattering the glass. Oh, and my husband swearing that we are never ever ever ever moving again. LOL! I hope that's true. At least I hope to not move for a VERY long time! ;)

OK! I am off to read. What's new? Anything?




nima said...

Beautiful house.....I love your kitchen...

Cristin said...

Thanks for the tour! Your new home is GORGEOUS! *I'm jealous!* hehe
Hey, I saw all your Twilight books - I love them too!

Aunt LoLo said...

Love it!!! Love your books. ;-) You're gonna love Night World!

The Smith Family said...

Love Love LOVE! everything! What a GREAT house! Didn't you say you lived in AZ? We are relocating to Tucson. I was just wondering what part of AZ your live in.... well maybe you don't anymore, bc you moved. lol. We are looking for a new home and have YET to find anything that we LOVE! What great taste you have. I am TOTALLY in love with your craft space. Decorated or not! You def. deserve it. You are one successful gal!
Good luck with everything.

Mommafo said...

Holy crap Shealynn... I wouldn't ever move if I were you! What a great house! :) In fact, I think I'm coming to visit.

glenna said...

You will never want to leave home!

Ricci said...

Can I come and swim in your pool?! Hey and I need your new address, could you e-mail it to me? Happy Unpacking!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Lovely! Can I come and sit by your pool?

Denissa said...

Look your kitchen! The cabinets are great! That is wonderful to have a pool, especially in AZ! Oh, and love how you started the post w/ the kitty for Angelina, too cute! :)

Robin said...

That kitchen is amazing! And I am quite jealous of your new crafty space. But where or where are the pictures of Rob??

Speaking of great books... have you read or heard of any of the Kim Harrison 'Rachel Morgan' books? They are awesome and I can't put them down! They are aboutvampires/witches/weres/pixiesand everything of that kind.

Also, just for you! You do so many incredible giveaways that I wanted to let you know (if you want) that I am doing one on my blog. Go enter if you want to!

Julie said...

CONGRATS on the new home!!

Aron & Suz said...

i'm totally with more moving for quite some time. i love your home! would love to see the front. your kitchen it gorgeous. and an indoor studio!!

is the print from an artist on Etsy?

Celeste said...

Looks great Shealynn! We have that same fridge - it's awesome! :)

Melanieshea said...

Beautiful!!!! LOVE the pool!!!!