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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween and Winner...

Today was Angelina's school Halloween party.
They get all dressed up, and basically have a party all day,
and then they got out early.

Of course, Zoe would never let me leave the house
without letting her dress up as well, so get dressed up
is what my little girlie pirate did.  With mom's help, of course!  ;)


As soon as I put that eye patch and bandanna on her she yelled,
"Argh Me Matey!!  I'm a pirate!"
Bwahahaha!  I cried I laughed so hard!
What a comedian I have.  :)

Metallic Paper BW14

Once we got to "sissy's" school, Zoe was jumping up and down
with excitement.  She loves to visit her sissy at school.
It's really rather adorable to see her light up at the thought
of seeing sissy at school, or picking sissy up at school.


There were some really fun costumes in Angelina's class...
here is her entire 2nd grade class dressed up...


What amazed me most was right after this picture was taken,
Angelina and her friends swarmed around Zoe.  They accepted her.


They gushed about how cute she was.
They talked to her like a normal kid, instead of like a baby.
They laughed with her, and hugged on her.
Zoe beamed the ENTIRE time we were at sissy's school.
My eyes filled with tears many times throughout that 2 hour event.
So many priceless moments.

This moment for instance.  This moment that I just so happened to capture while the kids
were doing their parade throughout other classrooms.
Tell me how adorable this shot is!


Seriously.  A*DORABLE!

I think daddy needs to get his gun ready, because Zoe seemed to be holding hands
with this little boy, whose name is Drew...


But he was going by Tom Brady today.  ;)
I seriously thought this was so cute.  He was looking out for her.
Making sure she didn't fall down.  He begged Angelina to have his turn to
hold Zoe's hand.  LOL!  Angelina allowed it.


But, she of course was holding Zoe's other hand.  ha!

I think little Drew is going to be a heart breaker, for sure! 
I mean.  Look how cute he is!


And man is he polite!  His parents are training him up right!!
But, Drew.  Zoe is a little young for you right now.
Give her another 25 years.  HA HA!


After the parade, it was time for mass amounts of sugar!
So, into the classroom we went.
Of course I took the opportunity to take more pictures...


I love this picture.  Love it!


It can be hard to get a good picture of my girls together.
Usually one looks great, and the other one has their eyes closed.
Or something like that.

And how about these pictures?



All the parents died laughing when the kids put their vampire teeth in.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.
But I signed Angelina out for the day, and we went home.

My beautiful fairy...

Metallic Paper BW16

And my cutie pirate...


Had a wonderful day!


And they are looking forward to trick or treating tomorrow.
That is all they've talked about today.  ;)



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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giveaway winners Day #3 giveaways 1 & 2

And the winner of the Lil Blue Boo Giveaway is..

#21 - Mommafo!!!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day #2 Book Winners!! And PICTURES.

The winners of Day #2's book giveaways are...

City of Bones goes to #55 who is ERICA!!!

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Leviathan goes to #6 who is CHEFAMILY!!

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The other day we went to the pumpkin patch!  We love pumpkins in this house!!



The tiny hay maze is loved by my girls...




We love to see the farm animals.  They're always making the kids laugh because they are very funny looking.  ;)


Can't forget about decorating pumpkins with foam stickers!



Then there is the whole picking the perfect pumpkin at the end... we got 4 pumpkins... one for each of us, which we will carve tomorrow.  We can't carve too early here... it is too hot.


And why not get into the wheel barrow with the pumpkins?  This is becoming a tradition.... think they'll still want to get in when they're in high school?  LOL!



We had fun... as always.  ;)


Last night, I made Zoe some PANTS!  If you follow me on Twitter, you know the frustrations I had with making pants a couple of weeks ago.  I hated them then... but I LOVE making them now!  All because of THIS pattern.  :)



Zoe Loves them too!  :) 


Monday, October 26, 2009

Tinkle Tents WINNER + More Pictures From My Brother's Wedding

And the winner of the Tinkle Tents is...

#12!!  GroverFamily!!!!

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I edited more pictures from my brother's wedding!  Now that I have my computer back, I can finally work on finishing up those edits for them!  Here are the ones I edited tonight!  More to come... so many to sift through!  I took a bazillion pictures.  LOL!

Ryan, Stacy, Mom, Dad, everyone... Enjoy!












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