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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me again

I can't seem to stay away from here!  haha!  Seems like a lot of you aren't liking that I switched to Wordpress?  But that's alright.  I love it there!

You will too!  I am having a giveaway.... I would love it if you would change your links and visit me over there from now on.  :)

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Monday, July 26, 2010


So it's me again.  :)  You all changed the link to my wordpress site, yeah?  The winner of the giveaway is over there.  :)


Ok.  I know it's not pretty.  It doesn't look super fabulous like this blog does.  But it's ok.  That will change soon.  I just didn't want to have to transfer anymore posts from here to there.  Remember... it's not super fabulous yet... but in due time.  Please change your links from this blog to ...

Adios Blogger!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First GIVEAWAY of the weekend! :)

How would you like to win my current favorite fabric combination?  Well, you got it!  By saying my favorite fabric combination I don't mean the actual fabric, though.  I mean a super cool Cell Phone Clutch!  But you knew that.  You didn't?  Oh, sorry.  Now you do!!  :)

Here is what one super lucky winner will win...




But that is NOT it!  We all like to match, right?  Riiiiiight.  So... how about a matching camera strap cover?  YEAH!!!!  



Here is how to enter!!  
Cuz I know you're dying to know, yes?  mmm hmm.

All you have to do is {leave a comment}  

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Advertising. Do's and Don'ts (in my opinion, of course)

(please remember what is stated below are *my opinions*.  No names are mentioned, nor will they be.  please do not be rude in the comments.  if you don't agree, feel free to say so politely, or I will delete the comment. thanks!)

A couple of weeks ago I was emailed rates for advertising.
They were seeking me out to advertise.  Which is fine.  I get a lot of those.
I see the rates and about faint.  This has happened only twice.  The almost fainting due to sky high ad rates.
And let's face it.  I didn't almost faint really.  But I did say "are they serious?" out loud.
This prompted a few comments on Twitter about advertising, and what is this world coming to, and pretty soon no small business is going to be able to afford advertising.  OK, so you may be thinking I am being a bit dramatic, but am I, really?

This has nothing to do with my post, but I had to share the picture!  
I love how Dana makes it look like it's a magazine ad!

The first time I almost "fainted" over advertising, was because the price was so high that I literally shouted "What the ..." H E double hockey sticks.  Yep.  I cuss like a sailor but not on here, m'kay?  This website/blog had just started offering advertising.  And their rate was $700 a MONTH!  Seven Hundred Dollars.  That did not include a giveaway which was an *additional* $300!!!  Now we're talking $1000.  $1000 could get me an ad in a small magazine!  I politely declined.  (though I wanted to ask what they were thinking, I refrained).

I have a hard time justifying high ad prices.  I mean there are so many blogs out there that have a HUGE following, but have super reasonable rates.

Anyway.  The rant on Twitter prompted several people to ask me what I thought was reasonable.

So here it is.  I really can't answer that question.  But for me, reasonable is not $1000 a month.  Reasonable is not even $200 a month when the blog is new at offering advertising.  Why do you need that much?  And I have heard it from blog owners before... if you value your blog you'll charge what you think you're worth.  Well, I'm sorry.  I don't agree.  Charging someone $1000 a month is insane.  There, I said how I really feel.  I have felt so many times that blog owners are getting carried away.  They're getting greedy.

Now, maybe I am just too thoughtful.  So what if I am?  I like helping others.  I like seeing other prosper and succeed.  And I feel by charging such high amounts for ads on our blogs is just holding people back.  Now, I realize this really is non of my concern.  I get that.  I know that.  But for me it's still a concern.  As I try and seek out places to advertise, or people seek me out, well, I have to think about this, do I not?  And I'm sorry, but I do think about others too.  I can't help it.

While I know some blog for money, and some blog for fun, and some blog for business, or whatever, I just don't get why the prices go so high.  Now some of the prices I would pay.  For instance.  If The Pioneer Woman was offering advertising or Dooce or names like that.  Then yeah.  Paying $500 a month would be justified.  They have several hundred thousand followers.  And that $500 could help me get out there more.

But paying $100 a month for a blog that has 100 followers is just not my bag baby.  I have to think wisely with my money.  I need a return on my investment at least 80% of the time for my advertising dollars to make sense.  Now I am hoping that I am making sense.  Am I?

I have been thinking a lot lately about sidebar ads as well.  About how they have become the norm.  Everyone has sidebar ads.  I get to the point now where I don't even look at the sidebar, because it no longer catches my eye.  This is one reason I no longer offer sidebar ads and only offer weekly blog post sponsorships.  Because now-a-days people are using Google Reader or some other form of easy blog reading.  Sidebar ads are not seen on those.  However.  If you are having a giveaway on a blog or are sponsoring a week of posts, or someone is reviewing a product of yours, then you'll be seen every. single. time.

And can I ask something else?  Some people are taking on so many sponsors that their entire sidebar is FULL of ads.  How does this get anyone noticed?  They all blur together and it's so overwhelming you end up dashing off the page because you're so overstimulated!  What I have also noticed happening is those with too many ads on their blog can not do 1 giveaway at a time.  So group giveaways are starting.  Let me be frank.  Group giveaways are ridiculous.  It's like the mass grouping off ads.  Your brain can't think.  There is not enough time to go to everyone shop.  You get all shaky and panic because you JUST CAN NOT HANDLE IT.  Ok.  I am being so dramatic!  LOL!  My point is... group giveaways take away from the point of advertising.  You advertise to get noticed not to be herded into a mass group like cattle and be looked over.  As a business owner we want our own attention, yes?  We want to be noticed we want to show off our stuff and when we pay for advertising and giveaways we want the giveaway to be us and us alone, right?  (I sound like I am starting a revolution or something)

My main point of all of this is, at what point do we say "no more"?  At what point to the ad rates stop climbing so high and so out of reach?

What say you?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Decided

OK!  I know I just posted.  Here I am again. LOL!

So. I just decided! I am going to sell the laptop bag! The fabric is Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson and it's now out of print, which means this bag is a ONE OF A KIND. I am hoarding the rest of it. :) It fits a 17" laptop. Interested? Let me know. :) Maybe I will just list it?  Yes. I think I will list it in my store. 

So click here!


Check It Out Homies!!!


I just finished dancing around my office.  I have conquered the zipper.  The zipper is no longer a scary "I must avoid at all costs" thing any longer!  Take that zipper!  I see many more zipper usage in my future!  :)

So... what do ya think of my new laptop bag?

Ignore my horrible nails... they are nibbled on too often.  Bad habit!

LOTS of pockets on the inside!!

And one ginormous pocket on the outside!  :)

Off to work more!!

So, while I am doing that... tell me... you likey?  Should it be available in the *Shey*[B] store?  Tell a girl wassup!  ;) 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Night Owls Tweet Week 10 - Plants In My Backyard

[Over the next 52 weeks, Me from Arizona USA, and Kris from the Gold Coast AUSTRALIA, will attempt to blog a total of 365 photos. Each posting ... 7 photos, from the last 7 days, on alternate Monday Nights]

Arizona is FULL of citrus trees.  Almost every single house has at least 1 citrus tree growing.  We have 3.  The below 2 pictures are grapefruits.

Cactus.  There are so many of these!

I hate these bugs that are hanging out on my pomegranate tree!!  They are EVERYWHERE!

And more cactus.

These plants are evil.  They grow incredibly fast and take over everything.

And some bougainvillea.  

Check out Kris' pictures from last week!  :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photo Contest!!!

A friend of mine is having a photo contest on her blog right now - I loved the idea.  In fact, I loved it so much that I am doing one too!  :)

The details are simple.  I need some new photos for my website, and that is where you come in!  We want to see YOUR pictures!!  Not just pictures of our products, though!  How about pictures of them in action!  While a picture of the camera strap cover on the camera is fine, or the iPhone sleeve next to your phone is fine too, we would love seeing some shots our our products being used - like so...

These pictures are old.  I took them over a year ago.  An old friend was the model.  Quite a model she is too... though she didn't think she was.
I love these shots, but I need new ones!  So this is the deal.  Email me your photos - shealynn AT gmail DOT com - we will pick THREE winners.  This photo contest will start now and end a few days BEFORE I leave to go to New York for the BlogHer Conference.  End date is Monday Aug. 2nd.  So 2 weeks from tomorrow.

You can send as many pictures as you want.  Get creative!!!  Products alone are ok, but with you in them is even better!!!  ALL *Shey*[B] products, please.  Not just camera strap covers.  ;)

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - will receive - $50 *Shey*[B] Store Credit 

1ST PLACE WINNER - will receive - $30 *Shey*[B] Store Credit

2ND PLACE WINNER - will receive - $15 *Shey*[B] Store Credit

We can not wait to see what you come up with!!!

Scroll down to see a new product coming soon!!  :)

A Peek

I made this last night.  :)  I love how it turned out.  Coming to my shop soon... whatcha think?  The pictures are from my iPhone...

iPad/Netbook bags have been requested as of late.  So, I figured I would deliver.  ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Confess

I am here to confess some things that you may not know about me.  I think you all need to write your own confessions too... no.  I am not a priest.  But this could be interesting.  Got the idea on a blog I saw, forgive me for forgetting the name!

Bring on the confessions!

- I love to walking into a new tire store, because I think new tires smell amazing.

- I am not a patient person.  I yell at my computer often, and refrain from yelling a lot.  Sometimes I think steam will come out of my ears.  Scary thought!

- I don't like my impatience one bit.

- I used to get mad at my husband when he would refuse to take vacation due to getting behind on work.  That is until I started my own business.  Now I get it.

- I still think we need vacations, but maybe just over weekends.  ;)

- My husband has the best smelling deodorant, and I tell him his armpits smell good every time we snuggle.  :: blink blink :: Yes I am dead serious.

- I think Twitter is great, but it can be like high school all over again.  Drama, gossip, etc.  I didn't like high school.

- When my kids, parents or other sensitive ears aren't around I cuss like a sailor.

- I like to cuss.  *shrug*  (enter an eye roll from my mom here.  hehe)

- I am assuming my mom would roll her eyes or shake her head at that.  Mom?  Am I right?

- I do not like President Obama one bit.

- I love hearing my husband talk about things he's passionate about.

- I am a born again Christian, and love the Lord with all of my heart.  But I don't go to church.

- I hate overly judgmental people.

- I am not a girly girl.  I don't care for shopping, shoes, and makeup.

- When reading books I often think the main male character is extremely good looking.  What?  Don't tell me I am alone here.

- I love flip flops.  I wear them 365 days a year.

- I love my name.  Thanks Mom!

- I am a daddy's girl.  And I think my dad is adorable.  He's such a great dad!

- I think my husband is the greatest dad on earth.

- My husband looks sexy with tons of tattoos.

- I am very opinionated, and love to debate things I am passionate about.  Just ask my husband.  :)

- My favorite sound in the universe is my girls' giggles.

- I love blog comments, and wish I had more time to leave a comment on all of your blogs!

- My mom is hilarious!  Love her!

- I think this confessions post is getting a bit long!

- I love friends I can be myself with.  No holding back.  Thanks for letting me - Julie, Melanie and Denise!  Love you girls!!!

- I dream about living in New York City all the time.  Upper East Side, please.  Oh, maybe one day.  NYC is my heaven.  Love the city!

- I am an easy going person.

- I am proud of my business and myself.  No I am not being cocky.

- I have some new products and camera strap covers to share with you.  :)

New in my shop right now....

The Photographer's Wallet ... Yahoo!  A new product.  Store your extra memory cards, batteries, chap stick and lens caps all in one super stylish place!  Want a different fabric combo?  Email me!  Any fabric in my shop can be made into The Photographer's Wallet!

These are *not* only for iPhones!
Any cell can be put in here.

That is all for now!  If you write a confessions post, link up in the comments - if you dare!  :)


First off, I LOVED learning about all of you!  Thank you to all that entered the giveaway.  I had just as much fun reading your answers and you said you had reading mine!  The winner of the giveaway is...

K. Davis who said:

such a fun giveaway!! That camera strap would match a skirt I just made for myself out of the same fabric!

If I could visit any place in the world, it would probably be Bali.... (definitely do Scotland, it was GORGEOUS!)

I can't leave the house without my lip gloss!

My favorite author is either C.S Lewis, or Jodi Picoult (two completely different spectrums, all depends on what I'm in the mood for)!

Congrats girl!  Email me your addy!  shealynn AT gmail DOT com


My email was hacked last week and ALL of my emails were deleted!!!!!  IF you emailed me before last Thursday afternoon, PLEASE re-email me so I can help you!  Thanks.  :)

I will be right back with another post.  :)