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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Want a discount?

Today is my husband's birthday!!!!   Happy 34th birthday MY LOVE!!!  Last night Mike and I had a date night.  :)  We went to dinner where he wanted, CPK [California Pizza Kitchen] and then we headed on over to the tattoo parlor.  We both got a tattoo and I went really nuts and got MY NOSE PIERCED!  I'm crazy like that, I guess.  Pictures to come.  I am pretty sure it was a good birthday present for my hubby.  He likes tattoos.  And he looks hot with them!!

ANYWAY!  In honor of his birthday, I am giving all of YOU a 10% discount.  For today ONLY!  Just enter BIRTHDAY at checkout!  Click here to go to my store.  The discount applies to EVERYTHING in my store... including THE BURLAP!  :)  Discount ends tonight at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time.



Anonymous said...

Too funny!! Mark's 33rd was friday night so we went to the tattoo parlor & I got MY nose pierced!!! lol. i guess we have alot in common!

Denissa said...

Hey Shea!
I haven't been by in a LONG time...the pics of the girls are beautiful! LOVE the burlap strap, so cute!!
Can't wait to see pics of your nose, I had to take mine out b/c it would NOT heal :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike!
can't wait to see your tat and nose pictures Shea!

Julie said...

Happy Bday Mike! Hope it was a great one! Wanna see pix of the tattoos people! Whaddaya waitin on?! heehee