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Friday, May 28, 2010

Vegas Baby!!

I am finishing up some orders to go out today because there will be no working for me this weekend.  There will be no working for Mike this weekend.  Our kids are at their grandma and papa's house in North Carolina for a few weeks.  So, why no work this weekend?

Because Mike and I are going to be in . . .

Mike and I haven't been away just the 2 of us in FOREVER!  Longer than forever I think, actually.  So we are so excited to escape!  We had friends going with us, but they couldn't come.  So now it's just the 2 of us.  In this city of lights!  My camera and I are going to have a blast!!

But... while I am away... I want you to enjoy a fabulous discount!  15% off your ENTIRE purchase!!!  Just enter VEGAS15 at checkout.  :)

There are some new things listed in there.  Like...

The Raspberry Lemonade:  So FUN!

And the Ruffled Duo {in burnt orange} SUPER fabulous!  :)

So go ahead!  You don't need to gamble to feel like a winner!  Discounts work too, yeah?  ;)  Well, then.  ding ding ding!  winner!!!  15% off entire purchase - enter VEGAS15 at checkout... cuz I just love ya.

Have a great weekend!!!


alicia said...

Seriously so jealous!

Celeste said...

woohooo... fun times! :)

new strap covers = fabulous.

Kate said...

Shey, have a blast! Hope you win big and have a wonderful time!

雅伯 said...

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jOni lAnE said...

delighted that you are having a great weekend...even more delighted that you introduced the burnt orange camera strap. I've been stalking for a while trying to make up my mind...and then...I SAW IT, and I had to HAVE it! YEAH! Thanks Shey!

Julie said...

Hope you're having fun! Love the new covers!!

kkoeur said...

Woooooooow I love this one....Raspberry Lemonade...... so cuuuuuuuute !!! But I've allready buy mine in April... if it's not delivered maybe... can we change ? WOWOWOW so nice !!!