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Monday, December 14, 2009

Back With Things To Share!!

OK, so I promised to share some 
fun things today, so here I am!

Here are a few pictures I took
of my girls today for Christmas 
Card pictures.  These ones aren't going to 
be used, but I love them anyway.
Now, I have been pretty allusive on Twitter
about this really great idea I found in 
the blogosphere...

So... here are the pictures...

The background is chalkboard FABRIC!
How cool is that????
Love it!
What do you think?

And... here is Angelina's quilt!
I just got it back from the long arm quilter!
Yipeeee!  It's fantastic, and I KNOW she will LOVE it!  ;)

OK!  Much to do!
Cooking dinner, putting away laundry



Katie, Kevin and kids said...

So glad I clicked over to see your great pictures. The girls look great and how fun is that fabric...oh the possibilities! The quilt is BEAUTIFUL too!

Carrie said...

WOW! Love the pictures the girls are so cute and have grown up so much. Angelina's quilt is amazing!What an amazing gift.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Amazing pictures! Love them and the quilt :)

Melissa Abby said...

Their outfits and the background and the floor are so adorable!! Your girls are sure cute :)

Jacky said...

Love it!! Seriously, chalkboard fabric? I love Angelina's quilt. It's just beautiful, Shealynn. ;)

Celeste said...

Chalkboard fabric?! That is *amazing*!! And, the girls are {as always} cuter than cute! :)

Oh, and that quilt! Angelina's a lucky girl! gorgeous.

P.S. I'm still lovin' those "Hong Kong pettiskirts" ;D

Celeste said...

P.P.S. Um.... Zoe's hair has gotten so long! So pretty!

Zarina said...

I love how the quilting just pop. Now trying to find the best way to show off a black batik fabric for the back of a wall hanging.

Celeste said...


ok. sorry. I just thought of something else (a 'random something')

You're girls' first initials could "fit" into a little phrase like:

"From A to Z" - and you guys live in AZ :)

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls and that quilt is AWESOME!!! Your girls are so lucky to have such a talented mama!

Jennifer said...

Your girls are adorable! The background is adorable! But that quilt and fabric are amazing!! It's an absolutely beautiful quilt!


Cute pictures! love the chalkboard fabric. I gotta have that.
The quilt is amazing! Who did you use to finish it ?

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Love the quilt and the pics are amazing. Happy, happy day to you and your zillion orders!

SoBella Creations said...

Great Pictures!