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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photo Contest!!!

A friend of mine is having a photo contest on her blog right now - I loved the idea.  In fact, I loved it so much that I am doing one too!  :)

The details are simple.  I need some new photos for my website, and that is where you come in!  We want to see YOUR pictures!!  Not just pictures of our products, though!  How about pictures of them in action!  While a picture of the camera strap cover on the camera is fine, or the iPhone sleeve next to your phone is fine too, we would love seeing some shots our our products being used - like so...

These pictures are old.  I took them over a year ago.  An old friend was the model.  Quite a model she is too... though she didn't think she was.
I love these shots, but I need new ones!  So this is the deal.  Email me your photos - shealynn AT gmail DOT com - we will pick THREE winners.  This photo contest will start now and end a few days BEFORE I leave to go to New York for the BlogHer Conference.  End date is Monday Aug. 2nd.  So 2 weeks from tomorrow.

You can send as many pictures as you want.  Get creative!!!  Products alone are ok, but with you in them is even better!!!  ALL *Shey*[B] products, please.  Not just camera strap covers.  ;)

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - will receive - $50 *Shey*[B] Store Credit 

1ST PLACE WINNER - will receive - $30 *Shey*[B] Store Credit

2ND PLACE WINNER - will receive - $15 *Shey*[B] Store Credit

We can not wait to see what you come up with!!!

Scroll down to see a new product coming soon!!  :)


Michelle said...

If we don't have one yet, can we post our old icky strap and the sad story of what got them to the point that they desperately need to be covered-with pictures, of course?

And then if we win, send product pictures? :)

Celeste said...

oh so fun!! yes -- I've entered Erin's (tvp) photo I'll see what I can do for yours :) hmmm... gotta get those ideas flowin'!

Flat Foot Floozy said...

Just sent you a picture! What a wonderful contest, and I just happen to have a picture from 4th of July using your camera strap...what timing!!!!

Anonymous said...


Robyn said...

***SQUEEE**** What a crazy fun idea!!!

Now I better get my noggin working on something just as fun. Oh man... I'm nervous.


Veronica said...

I ordered a camera strap last week, however I'm in Canada, so would I possibly have this in time to enter this contest? I'm so very excited to be getting my camera strap! Although my husband ordered the one I loved the most, he is thinking that we may just have to order a couple more, as they are all fantastic. He is most likely going to order one for his camera also! We're hooked! Thanks for producing such awesome products!