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Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Book


I have another book recommendation for you all! Yes ANOTHER ONE! :) I read 2 books this weekend. Whoa!

This book is called Evermore... click HERE to read more about it. Most of you know my love for teen fiction. ha ha! And, yes. This book is in the teen fiction section. But, teen fiction is SO good! They draw you in quickly and you don't want to put them down. ha ha! Do not ask me how late into the wee hours of the morning I stayed up this morning to read this book. ;)

My good friend Jenn bought the book too, and we started reading it together last night... finished it in less than a day... gasp!

I started another book on Saturday night... got 80 pages in and then found out it was the 3rd book in the series!! I wondered why I was so confused! ha ha ha! Oooops. :D

I will probably start this book tonight and try and finish it before we leave for North Carolina on Friday. Seems doable... it's only got 210 pages. That's a cinch. ;)

Even with all of this reading, I am still managing to stay ahead of my orders, so that's awesome. :)

Today I got the fabric I ordered to make Angelina's teacher's baby gift ... [burp clothes]. And, instead of buying the cloth diapers at Target, I bought Chenille at Joann's. I always used the flat cloth diapers as burp clothes for my kids, but since I can sew, I figured why not go a little fancy. :) Not to mention... I am not a huge fan of burp clothes with 1 strip of fabric down the middle... they look incomplete to me. Does that make any sense? ;) I love the many sellers on Etsy that sell them, though! They always have some of the cutest fabrics!

Anyway... I will work on the burp clothes tomorrow, and will photograph them, and then share them with you. :)

OK... well. This is getting long. I need to sew more camera strap slipcovers and then read. ;)

OH! Speaking of camera strap slipcovers! I have a new addition to them... I lens pocket! I will show you tomorrow. :D

Have a great night all!



P.S. Giveaway day is TOMORROW! Remember I changed the day... so come back and check it out!


Terri said...

I give you props, I wish I had the time to read more often.

Robin said...

I love teen fiction books! My favortie ones were from Christopher Pike when I was in those teen years. I collected every one he wrote and still have them. I bust them out from hiding every couple of years to re-read them, and they are still a treat!

Tess said...

Wow, and it takes me two weeks just to read one book. NOw I feel illiterate!! (Not really) It's been a long while since I';ve used a burp cloth, the granddaughter is almost 10. I think the ones on etsy are sooo cute. Chenile burp cloths will be sooooo soft. :-)