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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rap Stars

I have had a pretty crappy day.  Ending with my daycare woman telling me that Zoe is no longer allowed to come back because she's mad at me and thinks I lied and screwed her over, because Mike and I made the decision to take her out of daycare and put her in preschool starting next week.  Sigh.  Which in turn leaves me with 2 FULL days I need to work, but now can not.  Needless to say, I was extremely saddened, hurt, stressed and ticked off after this conversation with this woman.  While crying and drowning my sorrow in a little tub of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, my friend Denise came to my rescue.  :)  Did you know that she and I are rappers?  Well, it's true.

Denise was talking about her memory and being old.  Which she isn't.  haha!  That is how our little rap got started.  OK... So, our Twitter rap went a little something like this - Break it down!  :)

@polkadotmoon Yo memory is Jello but so mello like a fellow that's yellow. HAAAAAAAAAA!!!

@sheyb like a mello yello PEEP! That I'ma gonna EAT!

@polkadotmoon You love em yellow peeps.they don't even say cheep cheep. Eating em makes me gag & weep. Then I wanna sleep in a jeep. HOLLA

@sheyb I would eat 'em in my sleep, in a jeep, even if they don't go PEEP. Hey, hey, ho, ho, can you say YELL-O ....PEEP. wurd.

@sheyb don't be sad, don't be blue, this gurl will get a laugh outta u! {who needs ice cream???} HEY!!

@polkadotmoon Yo! My name is Shey B. I have to go pee.Then come an find me.I'll be sippin gin n tea by the sea. Cuz I'm free! Holla back!

@sheyb too much shuga went thru my lips, straight to my hips and now I'm gonna dis.....DUNKIN' DONUTS that is. They want my dolla and I wanna holla. NO. but it just ain't so. wurd...

@polkadotmoon Yo! I'm the camera strap girl. And my hair don't curl. Ate so much ice cream i feel i gonna hurl. Goin crazy with a purl I'm in a funk so let's twirl. Me out! Holla!!!!! :)

@sheyb Holla to da dolla. bill that is. pdm out.

@polkadotmoon You're crazy in a town wit a clown wearin a frown lookin down on his gown sproutin nouns shootin rouns with no soun! Wurd up!

@sheyb Dis gurl go a runnin' cause she don't like no clown, with or without no frown, spurtin any kinda noun - SHE GO A RUNNIN! EEEKK! wurd

@polkadotmoon heya says the clown in a gown with a frown. Don't run little girl, I just shootin rouns of nouns with no souns to yaz.

@sheyb HOLLA FOR THE DOLLA on a street cornah yellin hey, ain't no clown gonna git me down, wearin no frown. babysittah. YO!

@polkadotmoon No going eeep says the clown. hop in my jeep wit yo peep and my sheep while we leap and go beap beap beap.

@sheyb now i ain't gonna sleep not cuz the sheep in my jeep or the yello peep, but the CLOWN - I go eeeeeek. wurd to the wise ole' owl.

@polkadotmoon we go up a hill it's steep and it's deep,but up ahead's that sittah sittin in a heep wait fo U to yell bleep bleep bleeeep! :)

@sheyb hey sittah ovr' there i ain't gonna stare or yell no more cause I just don't care. gotta bettah place to go so you and the clown can sit wit yo frown til all the world comes tumblin' down. we're outta here. wurd!

@polkadotmoon wurd to yo motha clown with a frown sittin with that sittah! Turnin my frown upside down and bustin this town! Peace!

Hilarity, I tell you!  Denise was successful in making me laugh  Not just laugh, but laugh so hard my stomach hurt, and my eyes watered.  The stress of 2 full days of not being able to work was momentarily forgotten and she was there to comfort me - through rapping.  Who said rap was a bad thing?  Well, not according to my fell rapper, PDM [polka dot moon/Denise] or myself, Shey to the B.  So yo!  Next time your friends are down, turn their frown upside down with a little rap. ;)


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Miss Anne said...

thank goodness for amazing friends, eh?

not to mention i think you might have something to fall back on, you know, should your other business fall through.

PDiddy aint' got nothin' on you two.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Hey, hey, hey....

U know what I say! I rhyme wit u any day! Kay?!



jenjen said...

What a day! I'm so sorry that it was so hard and stressful. But thank goodness you have such a great friend. They can make all the difference!


chefamily said...

You guys are too funny! I miss Twitter for that very reason! Instant funnies! =]

Celeste said...

Reading this in real-time last night...let me just say... I couldn't stop laughing!!!

really - Shey B - that is one fly, rapper name!

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

You got the name, you got the rhymes, you be rappin' all the time!

HA! You're so funny! Busting a gut here...

Sheree said...

awww, love ben and jerry's + good friends.

Anonymous said...

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