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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello friends!!  Thanks for the lovely comments on the iSleeve!  You're all so nice.  Not to mention awesome!!  So.  Once again I have hit a wall.  I have no idea what to blog about - other than business stuff.  So I will start with that.  There is a new Couture available!  In my store now!

I adore this Couture!  It's so pretty!!!

I also have listed a new iSleeve!  Valentino style!!

I also have iPockets for cell phones now available too!!!  As always, if you want something custom, just let me know!  :)

You can request ruffles too.  :)  Email me!  All the above is available in my shop now.  Click here.  

OK, so will you help a girl out?  I need ideas on what to blog about!  HELP!  haha!  I have hit a rut and don't seem to know how to get out.  Seems like the busier I am the less brain space there is for an intelligent blog post.  So, how about this... You tell me what you are dying to read about? If you have questions, great!  Would love to answer them!  If you have an idea!  Leave it in the comments... pretty please.  Questions and ideas can be about whatever you want.  Seriously.  And, I'll be your best friend foreva for helping me!  ;)  Whenever I do this, it helps me so much, and so many idea begin to form.  That's what I love about you all!  You're all so inspiring!  So bring it on! :)

Have a great day!!!


SoBella Creations said...

Love the camera strap! And great job on the IPad sleeve.

I love reading your book reviews. Especially since I'm always on the look out for great new books to read.

The Weaver Family said...

is red still your favorite color? I think I remember it being that... also what do your girls like to do when you sew? Do they get into your scraps? Do you have a seperate room now that you are busy with the business? And why don't you scrapbook anymore?

Snickerdoodle said...

What about blogging about how you find inspiration? Or your fabric stash... I'd love to see that! I'd also like to know more about your life - what you like, don't like.. what you do for fun etc. : )

The McKays said...

i think you just need to tell us about your day at least once a week if you can--what you are up to, what a typical day looks like, how your family is doing. i miss details about your family life. :) xoxo