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Monday, April 20, 2009

For The Man

I had to post about my husband! He is the BEST husband on earth! Not only has he set up my garage studio for me - which looks fantastic!! But... today - he came home at lunch and opened the garage... at first, I thought, "Oh no!! He is letting that 98 degree outside air in!!"

But, he was holding a box... a box which immediately made me jump out of my chair with extreme surprise! This is what he brought home for me...


Do you know what that is? Yep! Happiness! It's an AIR CONDITIONER, people! My husband took his lunch break to go get me an A/C unit!!!!

I literally was clapping and jumping up and down! You have NO idea how exciting this is!!!! It's SO hot here already! Supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow! Ahhhh!

To me... this air conditioner was the best gift! Better than rainbows and unicorns! I am just beyond excited.

My husband is incredibly amazing, and this just made him even more so! :D


OK! Off to work in my no longer steamy studio!!! he he he! I am giddy!



P.S. There WILL be a giveaway tomorrow!! So stay tuned!

P.P.S. Sorry to inform those that this will affect... I am no longer allowing Anonymous comments on my blog. There is a person that's been leaving extremely rude comments on here, and as far as I am concerned... if you leave rude comments on someone's blog and don't say who you are... you are a coward. Just my opinion. :)


Jennifer said...

Aw! that is so sweet!! You'd better hang onto him :)

andd I totally agree with the anonymous comment deal. That's rude and cowardice.


Terri said...

I am not sure how I got to it, but I know it was linked to your page. I just donated to the pennies for peace project. The name on the page I think was benner so I hope it was maybe your daughter I was helping.

What a sweet sign. not much but I hope it helpsher.

Elle's Mom said...

I was considering getting one for my office. I live in Palm Springs and it gets SO hot! Let us know how it ends up working out. I'm very curious!

Ashley said...

Right on. Coward!
give it up

Robin said...

Yippee for husbands who are awesome!

Denissa said...

I would be giddy too for the a/c!! :) It has been unseasonably hot here too!! So not looking forward to summer...
I had a comment on my blog too that I have NO idea who it was and I can't even look at who left it..sort of weird!

angeltreats said...

You are so so lucky that you actually need air con! In London the hottest it's been is about 69. I'm still wearing my coat!

I agree about the anonymous comments, there is just no need for rudeness.

Celeste said...

Congrats on your A/C!! What a sweetie to go buy that for you on his lunch break :)

And...I can't believe someone's actually been wasting their time leaving rude comments! My goodness. He/she needs to get a life! LOL