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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I know! I am SO lame at blogging lately. Sorry about that. But, I am here now, and I actually have pictures and things to share!!! *gasp* ;)

First of all... I would love your suggestions!! There is someone I would like you to "meet"...


Isn't she cute?


She "found" us last night... here's the thing... We are stuck on a name... we can't all agree. I like Katniss, Katsa, and Suki... Angelina like snowball, glitter and something else I forgot. Mike doesn't like much of anything we suggest. LOL! Here's where you come in...

Do you have any cool and different names you can suggest? Please leave them in the comments!! I would SO appreciate that. :) I will let you know what we choose. I am trying to avoid anything cutesy.

Here are some other pictures from today...


I know! Her hair is a total mess! LOL! That's just how we're rollin today. ;)


AND!!! Here is a sneak of the 5 new fabrics I just received yesterday!!


I plan on sewing the new ones from before tonight so I can photograph them, and get them up! So, stay tuned. For now... I am off to enjoy Easter... relaxing is SO what I need. The kids got lots of goodies from the "bunny". :) And Angelina and I painted eggs last night. It was nice to spend some special time with Angelina last night. I need to do that more often. :)

How have you been? Anything great going on?




Celeste said...

What a sweet kitty!! :) Our cat "adopted us" too. Our van was getting worked on at the Honda dealership in town...brought the van home...then the next morning when I went outside I heard meowing & sure enough, I found our precious kitty right under the hood!! She must have gotten up inside the engine & rode all the way back to our house from the dealership (and we live a good 12-15 miles from the dealership too!). We called up the "Honda dudes" & they said that there had been a lot of stray cats, we kept her :) and we've been lovin' her ever since. We named her Josie.

Hope you guys are having a very Happy Easter!! :)

Julie said...

Love those owls! I had made an apron with the same fabric as your 'fruit salad' strap. I'm liking it!