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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Morning My Friends!

Thank you all so much for the kind comments about my new blog makeover!!  Beth really did a great job!!  Contact her to do a makeover for your blog!  She does super fast, and a blast to work with.  

I know I haven't had much time to blog lately.  So sorry about that.  I hate not talking to you all on a semi daily basis.  I will try harder, but until I am all caught up with these orders, I can't promise anything.  But I will try.  I know the 3rd installment of "So I've Been Thinking Of Starting a Business" didn't go up last week, but it will be going up TOMORROW!  So... this is where you lovely friends come in!  Ask away!  Don't be shy.  Remember my husband is now part of this series, and he is VERY good at all things business... you can ask him {or me} anything that comes to mind.  Even about his tattoos if you want. haha!!  Just leave your questions here in the comments,  because my inbox is really full right now.
I now leave you will some unedited terrible quality {but fun} iPhone photos.  :)

I am a fabric addict.

More fabric.


 OWLS!  She loves them. :)  Thanks Lemon Tree Studio!  ;)


 The day I went to pick Luna {"Moona"} up when she was found!

Cuddling with "Moona" the day she was found.
I think running away tired Luna out for the rest of her life.


The perfect Valentine's Day card I got for Mike.  :)


 Our girls' new bunkbed


Oh look!  More fabric!  

And more!


I think she was tired.

 Posy Pin from The Pleated Poppy.  Looks cute on my purse!


My new friend Melanie!  We finally met in real life last Saturday! 
She came and helped me SO MUCH!  Love her!


 Oh and she brought me more FABRIC!
Shocking.  ;)  She owns a fabric store online called
Above All Fabric.


Holy orders!

I wouldn't be The Camera Strap Girl if I didn't 
show some of them, right?  Some being over


 And here they are all ready to go to their new homes!  


There is still time to vote!!  Only 4 days left though!  It takes mere seconds to vote.  Promise!  :)  Click here.  Thank you again to those of you that have!!!  You ROCK my socks off. 

The Lovelies


Christine said...

Glad to find you via Beth! The blog is beautiful and as soon as I can afford her she's hired!

And I'm also an aspiring photographer and I have an unopened sewing machine that is begging to be tackled. Will be checking your site with interest!

Melanie said...

ooooh i hope you turn some of those beautiful fabrics into camera straps before I order one soon! <3

Ronda said...

You have a great site, I plan on buying my husband and daughter each one of your camera straps. My husband is a photograher, I like the ones that hold the camera lens. I'll order soon.

raypartyoffive said...

I just bought a camera and I want to order a camera strap (saw it from Mckmama blog) from you but I noticed you don't have any in yellow (my favorite color).

I went to your old Etsy store and saw a black and yellow (or gold) strap. Do you still have that one for sale?

Please let me know. My e-mail is

Thanks. Love your work!

Maria Ray

Julie said...

I lOVE the new look! I have to check out how she works it all bcuz I have looked into others & didn't like how they *owned* your design, etc. Also the buttons across the top, can't figure that one out! Love it!

The Mama In Red said...

I love the look! This is my first time delurking here. The only thing I notice is that the tweet/retweet icon has no padding on the right side (I'm on a Mac using Firefox), so the text runs right up to it.

Also, I want to order a strap cover, but I can't find my strap. Do you have a solution for people like me? Because I'd hate to order one of those atrocities with gel in the neck and all. Thanks!

Celeste said...

Fun post, Shey!

...and, you know how much I love the V-day card! *wink*wink*

SisterlyLove said...

Hello! Love the camera straps! beautiful! And the owls. I am a freak about owls.
What a cute bunk bed! The quilts totally complete it!
Great post!

- Marguerite
(home of the "Wolly Pop")

ps.. We're having a giveaway over at! Come check it out if you'd like!

Erika said...

ooooooooooh yay! I hope one of those is mine!!!:)

passport in my pocket said...

those fabrics are amazing!

congrats on your presence on the Lovelies :)