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Monday, June 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I have been super busy.  How about you?  My kids come home THIS Friday!  Wow!  Where does the time go??  Seems like just yesterday I was flying them out to stay with my parents.  Then there was Vegas, and dinner with friends, and work and more work and work some more.  ;)

I thought it might be fun to see a little behind the scenes of *Shey*[B]... whatcha think?  I swear my office is never going to be complete because I haven't even finished decorating it yet... but one day, right?  It will likely be the day we move into a new house that I ever finish it.  haha.

Here is one of my cute assistants.  Say hello to Anne. :)  Her sister also works for me too.  But she is in FIJI at the moment on a missions trip.  No, I do not feel sorry for her.  FIJI?!  Hello!  Wish I was there!  haha!!  I love these girls!  They work very hard, and do all they can to make my life easier.  

So, that's a TEENY peek into my daily grind.  I think I will do a Behind The Scenes series, actually.  Whatcha think?

Here is a sneak of a *Shey*[B] photoshoot I did a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as I can find time to edit pictures I will show you more.  :)

Her eyes are STU*NNING!

More later!  Peace out.  ;)


tyroneb said...


Vaughn Family Chaos said...

SuPeR cool! And that strap on the sewing's mine!! Well, obviously that one is not mine {or maybe it is if that's an old pic}, but it's the one I have and love!!!

Celeste said...

Very fun!
Being surrounded by pretty fabric all day must ease any least a bit...right? ;)

{and... hi Anne!}

prashant said...

Its great fabric.!
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Julie said...

Who's the chick w/those pretty eyes?! ha! She's a pretty girl. Your straps look fab too! =)