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Friday, June 25, 2010

New to *Shey*[B]!!

Hey everyone.  Stopping in at midnight after a VERY long day.  I might have stood in line for far too long to acquire a iPhone 4.  :)  But, enough about that... I want to show you a couple of new products.  I hope you'll be as excited about them as I am.  Cuz, they turned out fantastic.

Who has a point and shoot camera?  Well... how about a cute clutch to carry your point and shoot in?  You got it!!

I couldn't find my point and shoot camera, so it's not pictured with the clutch, but if you want one of these cuties for a PSP or a DS - well, those fit too... see Angelina's PSP below.  :)

I love this clutch.  It velcro's closed.  Super easy to just keep your camera in and when you need it it's there.  Of course, custom orders are welcome, so contact me for a custom fabric order.

Custom orders are also welcome for the next new product too.  Now, since the iPhone 4 is so new, there are no cases for it.  Until now that is.  Welcome the new Cell Phone Clutch!  How cute is this?!  But wait!  You do not have to have an iPhone to purchase!  Any cell phone fits.  :)

All you Ruffled L.C. Camera strap slipcover owners out there can match your cell phone clutch with your camera strap cover now!  Of course, like I said, custom fabric orders are definitely welcome!  What fabrics will you choose?

So, that's what's new!!!  Do you like?  They're in my store now - click here and here.  :)

Peace out homies!  


Celeste said... like!!! (especially the "l.c.") :)

Krissa said...

Oh i like a lot!!!!!! I want one...and they are a very good price!!!!

i see one of these in my future!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Love them both!! Judging from the pics, my point and shoot would fit better in the cellphone case. The camera is about the same size as my iPhone. I totally want one!! How on earth do I decide on fabric choices?? I have the Lacey Ruffle in Pink strap.. Hmmm..??

Mindy said...

LOVE!!! Those are adorable! I hope you got my email about my giveaway credit. :)

Marie said...

cute! Great job Shey!

mandiegirl said...

So cute Shey! :)

Nitasha said...

Oh, these are so supercute!

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute, i love it!!! i could surely use a new pouch for my P&S!

Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

I love the new cases. The iphone case made me with I had an iphone!!! Loving the fabric too.

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