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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Late at night I am kept company by -


Yes, Rob. ;) ha ha!!

While sewing and packaging these -




And living off these -


In the morning I must resemble a zombie or sleepwalker! I have been up to 12:30am or later every night this week working on orders. Zoe hasn't had school this week due to her teacher having surgery, and she hasn't taken a long enough nap for me to do much during the day, so the night is what I have. :)

OK, so a little background... I started my camera strap slipcover business as a hobby business at the end of last summer. I never expected it to become what it is today, though. Not even close. Please do not take this is a complaint or whine, because it most definitely is not. I am astonished at how far my little vision of a business has come! So, imagine my surprise when I saw this...


I seemed to have hit 1,000+ orders!!

So, I'd like to thank the Academy ... wait! Wrong thing. ;)

Actually, I want to thank my customers! I am humbled, blessed and astonished at my sales. Thank you so much for helping make my shop a success!

I also want to thank my wonderful husband for his undying support, and help! Without him, I don't know how I would get all of my orders done!! So, babe... thanks so much for everything! Your support is so appreciated and loved!




Ricci said...

Whoot Whoot, that's awesome, you are a busy little bee! Congrats!

Jekka said...

Congrats on 1000 orders!! And I believe it's only 7 days till your birthday :>)

Jennifer said...

WOAH! that is amazing! congratulations!

Joli said...

WOW!!!!! Big congrats on hitting 1000 sales, that fact is made even sweeter with the 100% positive feedback!

TMCPhoto said...

*Shoots of fireworks display and cues giant brass band* How wonderful for you! Here's to a few thousand more!

Robin said...

Congrats on the 1000! That is very exciting and must be such a wonderful feeling!

But, how do you get anything done with Rob staring at you like that?

I would be drooling too much...

Cheers to the next 1000!

mssgrz said...

congrats! Woo hoo! I can't wait to get my strap cover in the mail!

Mommafo said...

Congrats woman!!! You rock!

Celeste said...

1000 orders!! Shealynn - that is awesome! :)

Denissa said...

Cograts!! That is awesome!! I'm inpsired by you! :)

M and E said...

Congrats on 1000 orders! That's amazing. Our little shop has a whopping 9! Where do you get your sew-on labels?