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Friday, September 18, 2009

Book Review - Crashed

My laptop is broken. I have no pictures to share. I have cried, but I am dealing. It will be fixed soon. :) Fortunately, I have a PC in my office. But Mac is just so much better! haha.


It's book review time! I am going to start writing separate book review posts for each book I have read. Clumping them all together takes a long time, and I realize I don't really give all that much information. I need to start doing that, though ... today I got my first review copy from HarperTeen. I should get a 2nd one from UPS today too. Fun! Expect a book giveaway next month! :)

The book I am reviewing today is not a review book, but a series a started at the beginning of the year. The 2nd book was released on Sept. 8th.

Crashed - By: Robbin Wasserman


This book is the 2nd in a series of 3. The first book is called Skinned... here is a little about it from Amazon:


"In a high-tech future, Lia Kahn is a rich, glamorous, "it" girl at a prestigious high school. Then a car accident leaves her body mangled beyond repair. Rather than let her die, her parents take advantage of a new procedure that downloads the contents of her brain into a sophisticated mechanical replica of a human body. Lia is now a "mech," known in derogatory slang as a "skinner." She still feels like Lia, but she no longer breathes, eats, sleeps, or ages. She can no longer enjoy the easy high of a b-mod, the ubiquitous mood-altering drug that gets the rest of her friends through lunch, and her boyfriend only touches her when he's drunk. She is kicked off her beloved cross-country team because the coach believes her new body gives her an unfair advantage over her competitors. Religious extremists hold a protest when she returns home from the download operation, holding up signs that say "God made man. Who made YOU?" Lia can only see her new body and new social status as a tragedy...."
Megan Honig, New York Public Library

I give Skinned a 3.5 out of 5 stars. - It was good from the beginning, but I felt towards the middle it lost some edge, but then it picked back up the last quarter of the book.


Now about Crashed.

After reading Skinned, I was excited to read the 2nd book. While in the first book, you were learning about Lia Kahn, the 2nd book you feel as if you know her already. But truly, you still learn more about her. Which I find fantastic, because a character should always be evolving in front of you. That's how it is in reality. We grow and change as we get older and when we go through hardships in life, etc.

Robin Wasserman really paints a clear picture as to what "her" view of the future might be like. You really get the feel for the surroundings and characters. The main character, Lia Kahn is still living in her highly technological world with other Mechs. She has finally come to accept that she is not a human anymore, but a machine. She is going through her life (6 months after the accident) doing extreme, things trying to make herself feel something, like jumping from airplanes. All is as well as it can be as a machine. That is until she finds out about a major organization being lead by someone from her past. Lia is thrown into emotional turmoil having to visit the past, and fight for her future. She doesn't trust anyone, but soon learns that she will have to trust someone to make it through what's ahead. Lia is put through many tough situations, and faces many challenges. But will she succeed in saving herself and her fellow Mechs? You'll have to read this series to find out!

I give Crashed a 4 out of 5 stars.


I hope that was a good review! I can't say too much, or I will give away the book, and we definitely do not want that! :)


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