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Friday, September 11, 2009


I have so very fun and excited news to share with all of you today! And now all of your thoughts default to "she's pregnant"! No. I assure you I am not. LOL! ;)

But, all of you teen fiction lovers out there... listen up! I have been approved to review EARLY RELEASE books for HarperTeen!! :) This is super exciting for me! I will be getting books before they're release dates so I can review them for all of you!

What else does this mean? How about some BOOK GIVEAWAYS?! :) Yes, that's right!

So, this leads me to my next subject. I want to start a book club! Want to join in? I will feature 1 book a month. (I will also be asking for your opinions on what to feature as well, so let me know if you have any must reads for us to put in the club) Once you have read the book, email me your opinions about the book, and I will compile the opinions of you along with mine in 1 post. Then comments will be left open for anything else you want to say. How does this sound? I hope it sounds like fun!

Grab the button to join in!

Email me : shealynn AT if you have questions and/or if you want to join! Book club starts October 1st!


Sarah said...

Ooooh!! I'm so jealous!! Reviewing books sounds like a blast!

And so does your book club Shealynn!!

Ashley said...

That is so perfect for you! I'd love to do the book club!

Celeste said...

What fun!!

Pili said...

Wow, reviewing books sounds like something I'd absolutely love to do too!!

And the book club is a very interesting idea!!