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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Place Your Vote!!

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OK, really quick... I just put a poll on my side bar. Right over there ----------> if you're participating in The Benner Daily's book club, please vote for our first month's book! The most popular book will be our first book in our new book club! :D Go to Amazon, and read the summaries if you wish. Then come back here and vote. Hurry, though. This survey ends on the 20th! Then I will announce what book we are going to read. If you are ordering through Amazon, you will need that 10 days to order and receive the book. Otherwise, all are available at Border, Barnes and Noble or whatever bookstore you so choose.

This is going to be exciting!! If you haven't signed up yet, join us!! Just email me to let me know you're in! :) shealynn AT

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