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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready For A Book Post?

This is one of my favorite places in the world...


A place where I am surrounded by books. In this place the possibilities are endless when it comes to books. Many someone's imaginations put to good use lie in this place. Endless adventures and worlds to "visit".


Endless characters to "meet". Characters who's secrets, desires, loves, happiness', hopes, dreams, fears, etc. are known. Sometimes these books make me feel like I know the character, and take me away to another place and time.


Come on. Let me recommend a Fiction escape for you.


Since my last post on July 9th, I have read 20 books. At the end of this post, I will list every book I have read this year so far... So, grab a drink, and enjoy! ;)

Vampire Kisses Series [Vampire Kisses, Dance w/ a vampire, The Coffin Club, Royal Blood]:
I really liked this series. This series sucked me in immediately. I found the main character charming with her gothic dress, and her take no crap attitude. The Vampire in the book is illusive which makes him all the more intriguing, and eventually, romantic. I definitely recommend this series! More books in the series are set to be released next summer. I read this entire series in about 3 days.
*This series is up for grabs! As some of you know, I sell a lot of the books I buy... they are only read 1 times, so barely used. I sell them for a good price, so email me if you're interested.*

Wicked Series [Wicked: Witch & Curse, Wicked: Legacy & Spellbound, Wicked: Resurrection]:
I really liked this series. It's about witches who didn't know they were witches. :) They find out in a hard way, but end up embracing it, and end up trying to save the world, essentially. Recommended for sure! I consumed this series in a few days.
*This series is up for grabs!* This series has been bought and claimed.

Swoon: I found this book to be pretty good. Not the best book in the world, but it was interesting, and different than most books I read. About a girl who falls in love with a ghost, and in turn goes through some weird things with this said ghost. It's a quick an easy read. Took me about a day and a half to read.
*This book is up for grabs!*

Vacations From Hell: I LOVED this book! It's a compilation on 5 stories written by 5 different popular teen fiction authors. The stories are no more than about 65 pages, but I found myself engrossed in them! Read this one for sure! I read it in a few hours.
*Up for grabs!*

Kissed by an angel: I really liked this book! It's been on my to read list for a long time, and on my book shelf for several months. I finally picked it up, and I am glad I did. It's a great book! I loved the ending! You can read a good description of what it's about on the link I provided through Amazon.
*Up for grabs!*

Dark Secrets: This is written by the same person that wrote "Kissed By An Angel" (above). I really liked this one too! There are 2 short stories in here, but they are perfectly written, so you didn't feel like it was too short. You can also read the descriptions of the 2 short stories in the Amazon link I provided. Definitely recommend this book!!
*This book is up for grabs!*

Vampire Academy Series
[Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise]:
One of my new favorite series of books! I LOVED this series!!! Everything about it! I was sucked in immediately, and then left wanting more! I can not recommend it enough!! GO get it ASAP!! Read the description about the series in the Amazon link provided. Seriously! Read them. :)
This series is not for sale.

Shiver: OK. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how I feel about this book. I was screaming [as I was with Vampire Academy & Catching Fire] about how much I LOVE this book!! LOVE it! It's one of my new favorites, and one of my top recommendations! It so much better than I expected. About Wolves and love. ;) READ IT! Put it this way. It was so good, as soon as I was finished with it, I wanted to re-read right away.
This book is not for sale.

Wings: Another great one!! I originally picked up this book, because Stephenie Meyer recommended it. Everything Stephenie Meyer has recommended so far has been fabulous, so I grabbed this one when I saw her review on the cover. Once again, she was right! This book does not disappoint! I absolutely loved it. It is a new series and the 2nd book is expected to come out sometime next year. It had fairies in it!
This book is not for sale.

The Underworld Series [The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Pleasure]:
Well, this series is Not Teen Fiction! LOL. This series you can find in the... wait for it... wait. The ROMANCE section. LOL! This series came super highly recommended to me by several people that know what I like to read. It is a romance novel, but there is WAY more to it than that. It's a Paranormal Romance, and the plot and storyline are full of way more than just sex, people. I promise you this. HOWEVER. If you are squeamish with graffic sexual scenes in books, do not read them. I LOVE this series as well! I just got the newest release, The Darkest Whisper, which is the 4th one. More are due out next May, June and July.
*This series has been bought and claimed*

Catching Fire: And, last but CERTAINLY not least! The long awaited and MUCH anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games. And OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! It was SOOOOOO good! So good. I am thinking about re-reading The Hunger Games and then re-reading Catching Fire. It was just. that. good. I got it the day it was released (this past Tuesday). Started it Tuesday night, and finished it last night. Absolutely fabulous! So many twists and turns you'll never ever expect! If you only want to read 1 series on this list, READ THIS ONE!
This book is not for sale.

So, there are my recommendations for this time around. 20 books in less than 2 months. Not bad. ;)


OK, for all of my new followers that don't know what else I have read and recommend, go here for my full list of reads this year.

A lot of you asked me to do book reviews on here. I do them as much as I can. I try to do them once a month, but that doesn't always work out. There is a new "Label Cloud" on my sidebar. Click on Books for more posts.

Hope you are all well! Happy Reading!


Misha said...

I know you mentioned you sell some of your books after reading them, but have you heard of swaptree? You can exchange books you own for books you want for only the cost of shipping. We use it and love it!

tay. said...

Borders is my SANCTUARY. I've bought a small fortune of books this past summer. Swaptree is something I've heard of but never tried before. I'll have to check that out.
I see you like Vampire books. I do too! Have you read the Vampire Diaries books?? I'm on book 3 and I'm sitting in anticipation every time I open the book. :]

Celeste said...

Ooh.... I second what Misha mentioned. Swaptree is great :)

*katie* said...

I LOVE reading as well and love all your recommendations, I need to check some of them out...I'm on about page 15 of Catching Fire and so wish I could lock myself in my room and ignore my currently screaming 2 year old twins...not gonna happen...

chefamily said...

Thank you so much for the recommendations!! I have recently become an avid reader and it looks like we have the same taste!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

One of my absolute favorite books of all time is The Hunger Games. I pre-ordered Catching Fire on Amazon and I thought I would get it on the release date but I must have done something wrong because I didn't get it until yesterday. I read it last night and I have to say I loved it even more than the first. But I hate where she left it!!! Aaaagh!! I am dying to see what happens next. Seriously dying!
I really liked the Wiked series too. I am going to go see the play in October. I can't wait!

I really liked Wings too. :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

PS. You need to read the Vampire Academy series. And I love the Twilight series but I loved the Mortal Instruments series better too! Jace could totally kicked Edwards bootay....I'm just sayin.

Lisa Renata said...

A twilight fan like me. I also can't wait for the second movie to come out...though really the books is what I love most.

Katy and Landon said...

I've read Hunger Games (borrowed copy), but now I've ordered both that book and Catching Fire - anxiously awaiting both so I can review and read the new one!!!