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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

boring Boring BORING!

Sorry that my blog has been a bit boring lately! But I am starting to see a bright light at the end of this order tunnel! :) All those who ordered by the 15th - your strap slip covers will be out no later than tomorrow!!! Those who ordered later than that, I will do my best.

OK, so I can't stay long, because I still have about 12 more strap slip covers to sew, and I REALLY want to get them out today. We will see about that. LOL.

A friend and I were talking yesterday about our blogs and about comments on these said blogs. So, here is my question, and IF I don't get more than 2 comments then I will wonder why. :)

Why do you NOT leave comments? Maybe I am a freak when it comes to comments, but when I see that I get about 100 or more hits a day and 0-2 comments I wonder why... AM I THAT BORING?! ha ha ha ha!!!

So - LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Does anyone out there read this? Say something clever so I can laugh while I sew!!! Please? Also, let me know why you don't leave comments if you normally don't. I just want to know why. ;)




emily said...

you can thank google reader for me not leaving comments...and time. i catch up on all my blogs in the morning, and usually don't have a lot of time to pop on over to someones blog...but i'm reading! i'll try to leave comments more often :)

Maggie said...

I, too, use google reader and don't often shoot over to the actual blog to make a comment. I am reading.

My sewing challenge today is to make a pink diaper bag for a two year old that loves her dollies. I'm also working on a scarf and apron for my mom.

I'm looking forward to the Muppet's on telly tonight.

I'm in love with American Jane quilt patterns. So adorable.

Dana Furlo said...

I read so many blogs that I don't have much time to leave comments, plus I use bloglines to track all the blogs. I love to read your posts though. It has been hard to keep up with all the blogs with all the gifts I am finishing and orders I am filling, I will be relieved when Christmas is over.

Katie said...

I don't leave comments because I usually have nothing intelligent to say! Also the time thing. :)

Elizabeth said...

i do leave comments for you. :)
so there.

and i've wondered the same thing myself. i'm like you - the ratio of hits to comments is rather pathetic. but i'm thankful for each little comment.

happy sewing - you crazy sewing lady! :)

Jennifer said...

Greetings, I check your blog daily. Love it! I am so amazed by the work you do and your photography. I don't usually leave comments because I go through my routine of checking blogs and then off to school (I'm finishing my Master's). Blogs are a nice break from school work.

mama said...

Comments are time consuming gf. But am reading.

Aron & Suz said...

i think you are hearing the same running theme...most people read, but don't take the time/have the time to comment. keep writing! it's fun to keep up with you guys. :)

Jenn said...

you are funny :) If you figure out the comment thing let me know...I've always wondered the same thing ;)

take a bow Jenn

woot woot btw on getting your orders done!!