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Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Husband Is THE Best!

Last weekend, my husband came to my organization rescue big time! Our house is very small. :) So, organization is key. All of my sewing takes place by the dining room table, which means all of my sewing stuff is exposed to everyone's view. You can't exactly leave a disaster area where everyone can see it, can you? ha ha! Didn't think so.

So, anyway, Mike installed some things to make my life a lot easier. Plus, it's not an eye sore like it often used to be. Well, I am trying to not let it get to that eye sore stage... but I have been so busy lately that it's kind of gotten out of hand at times. :) In fact, my whole house is pretty much in disarray right now. At least it's Christmasy. :)

OK, back to the story. So, here is what he did...


See the bars behind and next to my sewing machine... 1 has hooks so I can hang my scissors, measuring tape, customer order envelopes, etc. The others have little plastic buckets.



Of course, baskets are awesome too! :) Great for hiding things. :: blink blink:: what? You know that's what you use them for too. ha! He also added one more shelf for my printer, pin cushion box and external hard drive. :D So, yes. He hooked me up!! But, wait! Not only did he install all of this stuff for me, but while I was folding laundry, he quickly and neatly ORGANIZED *ALL* of it for me! What a guy! Love you babe!

Want to know what else? Look what he got me for Christmas....



Oh my goodness! This machine is awesome!!!!! It's the Singer Futura. It embroiders as well as sews, and does so much more than I even know about yet. :) Yes, I know I only had my other machine for about 8 days, but I really wanted the Futura so that I could do personalization, so Mike happily obliged. :) And I more than happily traded up my machine to get it. Woot! Stay tuned for some exciting new designs in my shop soon!!!

So, yes, my husband has totally rocked my socks of this week!

Other things going on... Zoe fell last week and bit through her lip. She cried/screamed for about 10 minutes and was then over it. LOL. I thought I was going to have to rush her to the hospital and get stitches... it was pretty bad, but it quit bleeding rather quickly, and now is healed up almost completely. A few days ago, Angelina, Zoe and I were getting in the car to go get Mike from work, and Zoe's finger was accidentally slammed in the door. I think she yanked it out, which made the nail bloody. It's going to fall off soon... it's all black and blue and gross. Mike thinks she may have actually broken her finger. :( But, she is a total trooper... and seems to have some insane composure tactics. Other than that, she is doing great! Talking A LOT! Every morning she says, "Good morning, good morning! How are you?" It's something I look forward to when I open her door. :) She also likes to follow me around during the day and ask "what are you doing, Mama?" It's hilarious! She is so much fun!

Angelina is doing excellent in school!! Not really a big shocker, I guess. ;) She has been reading a lot. She reads chapter books now. Wow. She is reading at a 3rd -4th grade level. No major accidents with her, thank goodness. LOL. One accident prone child is enough I think. She is DYING to sew, and knit like me. Which I think is great... normally she only wants to do what Mike does... so these could be great bonding crafts for the 2 of us. We - I mean Santa - is going to get her a sewing machine for Christmas. :) I am going to attempt to teach her how to knit too. Not sure how that's going to go. But we also got her a knitting machine for Christmas, so she will get to knit no matter what. On the 9th she's in a choir concert, so that's going to be a lot of fun!! Look for pictures of that for sure.

Mike has a really bad ear infection, so he has been on the strongest antibiotic that is prescribed. Needless to say, he is feeling very miserable. The antibiotic has side effects that make his muscles hurt. Poor guy!

And me... lol. I am just plain ole busy. I have gotten 31 orders since Monday! So, I haven't had much time to do anything lately. Mike watched the girls all afternoon today, and is watching them most of the day tomorrow so I can get as many orders done as possible. :D I also have a photo shoot tomorrow. Anyway! It's exciting to be busy! Off I go to sew on my new machine!!! yay!




Aron & Suz said...

your organized work space is absolutely amazing! i really love how mike set up the space. he did a great job!! your new machine looks amazing and i'm glad your business is just booming.

sorry zoe has been hurt recently. totally no fun! :( it's always enjoyable to hear updates on the fam. xoxo

Ricci said...

Wow! Your new machine looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you will do with it! Your work space is great, I know it's small but well organized makes things much easier! Have you thought about hanging drapes around it so you can close it off when you want to?

Shealynn Benner said...

we thought about drapes, but I don't think it would look right. Soon enough I will have my own space... 6 months or so... closing in the garage. :D

December Taco said...

Wow Girl! All I can say is way awesome..... The organized space is beautiful and that machine is great! Mike you rock! I also must say you are soooo talented!!!! I know I haven't posted anything lately but I have been so busy with school and family life. But seeing how busy you are I better stop making excuses!LOL!