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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Skirt

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This skirt. Oh how I loooove it!!! The pattern is Sandi Henderson's Analise pattern. Patterns scare me. I will admit it. But this one was not hard, and had easy step by step instructions. I am clearly a bad instruction follower, though. I did manage to mess it up. The skirt is supposed to be much fuller. But, I still adore this skirt, and so does Angelina. That's all that matters. :) When I make it again, I will remember what I did wrong, and not make the mistake again. ha ha. It turned out fantastic, and how scrumptious is this Paula Prass Summer Soiree fabric? I LOVE IT! I am thinking about making a quilt with it.








I'm excited I finished this skirt for today's special day! Angelina is now in SECOND GRADE! School started today, and she could not be more thrilled!



I had a photo shoot with Angelina's teacher's son yesterday, and told her about the skirt. She freaked out when she saw it. :) Angelina has the same teacher this year that she had last year. Which is exciting for all of us. We really like her. She and I have actually become friends.


My 2nd grader. My how she's grown so fast! Sigh.


This now 2nd grader read TWENTY THREE books this summer!!! How proud is her book worm mama? More than I can say. This little girl is just amazing. She is smart as a whip, and full of compassion for others. I love her so very very much!


Well, there you have it. *The* Skirt. And how lovely it is!



Jessica said...

That skirt is so cute and I love how it swirls! Wow, back to school already! I am still trying to not think about going back! Your girls are very luck to have a mama who sews such beautiful clothes! Hope she has a great first day!

V and Co. said...

wow great skirt!
school started already?! woah.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

cute skirt!

Christie said...

Love the skirt and love even more how many books she read this summer!!

Paula Prass said...

The skirt is wonderful! And the model seems so pleased with it. I'm jealous!

Tam said...

Thats a beautiful skirt (I LOVE Sandi' patterns) and a darling little girl

Tess said...

Such a fun and beautiful skirt. Well done "MOM". You earned the right to be very proud of that effort. Angelina is so cute and it is great that she has the same teacher again. No buterflies in her tummy this year. LOL!

Mommafo said...

Very pretty! I think it looks great. Do you think I could whip together a skirt for ODD before Friday?? lol

Candace said...

Love that....So cute!

Denissa said...

SO cute! Love the pic of her twirling :)
I know how you feel on Weds. I will have a 3rd grader...sigh

Anonymous said...

The skirt turned out great, i love how flowy it is. Angelina is so big and pretty, they grow up so fast.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Cah-ute! And the skirt is too ;)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Cute skirt! I love it!

Celeste said...

Cute, cute skirt!! :)

Have a wonderful 2nd grade year, Angelina!! :) School here starts next Wednesday...I can't wait! :)

Rose said...

That skirt is amazing, the colours are great, DD wants one now lol.

The McKays said...

i love the pattern! nice work. xoxo