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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek.

So, Sunday I did the next installment in Baby Ben's "They Grow Too Fast" photo shoot plan. :) Remember this sweet baby? My has he grown! It is no secret that I love babies! I love them very much... so cute, squishy and cuddly. I love this baby! He is just so cute and happy! And his parents are so lucky and blessed to have him! He is a handsome little guy. Here are some little peeks from Sunday's shoot...







Enjoy Mom & Dad! :)


Trish said...

I love his cupie hair!

shelli said...

Simply scrumptious! Those, cheeks, those rolls... he's dreamy!!!!

You did such a great job with the eyes, love me some photo eyes!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

beeeeautiful pics and gorgeous baby!

What lens did you use?? These are awesome, girl.

katielynn said...

beautiful photos! My favorite is the chubby belly with all those cute little rolls <3 I love love squishy babies!

Mrs Soup said...

So gorgeous!

Celeste said...

Wow! He has grown so much! Such a cutie.

The McKays said...

wow, shey, you are so talented! i really love the 3rd shot, such a sweet, laughing smile and sweet rolls! but, that 4th shot, is amazing too...those eyes!!

Julie said...

Gorgeous boy! Great pix!