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Thursday, July 9, 2009

You should read...

Hello friends! I am here with some book recommendations for you all! Aren't you excited? I knew you would be. ha! I am not going to link each book, but you can go here to this trusty website, read about and get any book you could have ever imagined. ;)

First off, I will list ALL books I have read this year so far...

Uglies Series [Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras] - This to date is one of my favorite series'! I highly recommend them to everyone!! LOVED them!!

The Hunger Games [A favorite as well!! It is excellent!] The 2nd book in this trilogy, Catching Fire, comes out September 1st. I am very much looking forward to it!

Graceling [yet another Excellent book!!] The 2nd book in this series, Fire, comes out October 5th, and again, I can not wait!!

Wake & Fade - These books are great too... they are different than what I mostly read, but good all the same. I highly recommend them... the 3rd book [not sure of the title] comes out in February 2010.

Frozen Fire - I did like this book. It was very mysterious, and had me intrigued from the get go. I wasn't so sure about the ending, though. I do hope this author decides to make a sequel.

The Secret Circle Books - [LOVED them!!!] Definitely read these!!

The Vampire Diaries - I liked this series a lot... it did get pretty "out there" in the 3rd book, but I still like the series, and recommend them.

Tithe & Ironside - Loved these 2. There is a middle one between these 2, but I wouldn't read it. It was too dark for me.

House of Night Series - [Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted] - One of my favorites series'! I absolutely was hooked on this series within minutes. The books suck you in, and you don't want to put them down!! The 6th book, Tempted, will be released October 27th! [Looks likes October is going to be a big month!]

The Forest Of Hands & Feet - This book was quite excellent. Way different than what I was used to reading. I simply loved it. I cried some, smiled a lot and was on the edge of my seat through this entire book. I even found myself holding my breath through the many action scenes!

Need - This was yet another REALLY good one!! :) I highly recommend this one as well!! SUPER good, and it was a phobia learning experience too. ha ha. You'd have to read it to know what I mean.

Speak - This book was a little hard for me to get into at first, but I did end up really liking it a lot. After the book came out, a movie was made, and the main character is played by Kristen Stewart. :)

Deadly Little Secret - this one was really good as well, but watch out! This is no fantasy book... the story is something that could happen. But, I liked it very much.

The Mortal Instruments Series - [City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass]. This is one of my top favorite series'! I have recommended this series to everyone I have met that I know reads. If you don't read... you should still buy them! I think even the non-reader would love this series. Put it this way... I liked this series MORE than Twilight!

Skinned - This book is not about skinning animals or people or anything, so don't get the wrong idea. It's actually very futuristic. I liked it... the 2nd book in the series, Crashed, is due out this September.

Evernight & Stargazer - LOVED these!!!

Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange & Fragile Eternity - I loved the first 2, but am still undecided on the 3rd one. I am hoping she writes a 4th, because she sort of left a big cliff hanger.

Tantalize - This book surprised me. I wasn't sure how it was going to be, but I actually really like it.

Eternal - The cover of this book is very attractive. As far as the book... it was OK. Not horrible, but not great.

Evermore - I really liked this book. However... the first 50 pages reminded me a lot of Twilight. But I highly recommend it!

Bleed - I found this book very very interesting. I liked how it was written. Each character in the book got one chapter, but every character was somehow related. It's a good one.

The Friday Night Knitting Club - I REALLY liked this book! It's the only book listed here that isn't found in the teen fiction/young adult section. Highly recommend this one. That said, I still haven't read Knit 2 [the sequel book to this one]. I just haven't been able to get into it. Maybe one day. :)

OK, so those are the ones I have read thus far... there is more, of course. :) These below are my most recent reads...

Blue Moon - sequel to Evermore. This book was excellent!! I read it in ONE sitting! Bought it the day it came out [July 7th]. Sat down at 7:45pm to read it, and finished it at 2:30am! I could not put it down! The 3rd book in the series comes out in February, 2010.

The Alchemist & The Magician - These are good. Action packed and very interesting. Not my most favorite books, but I still recommend them. I am currently reading the 3rd one in the series, The Sorceress. The 4th book, The Necromancer, comes out this fall.

The Gemma Doyle series - [A Great & Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, & A Sweet Far Thing] One of my favorites series' I have recently read. I adore these books! Full of magic, proper ladies, corsets, and sooo much more!! These are a must read! I laughed out loud in parts, cringed in others, and in the last one of the series I cried for an hour when I finished it. Read it and you'll know why. This goes along with my "I would read again" list of books.

Night World - Book 1 - These books are great! They are all very long, but each have 3 stories in them! I enjoyed this one, and will be reading book 2 and 3 pretty soon. :) I just found out book 4 comes out next year.


I know this was SO long! Sorry you guys! It took me almost 2 hours to write it! LOL! Let me know if any of you reads these! I love to hear everyone's opinions!!

I have about 15 unread books awaiting me at this moment, so next month I should have another book recommendation installment for you.

I will be back tomorrow with a dressed up tank top I made for Zoe.




The Smith Family said...

Seriously, the BEST post of the day. I feel like it was an answer to my prayers. My hubby has moved away to start working at his new job and I just finished a book that my MIL gave me, but am looking for some REALLY good new ones.
Can't wait to get into some of these series!

Celeste said...

Thanks for this list! I'm actually going to the library I'm glad I stopped by hear first :)

Kimmy Davis said...

Thanks for this list!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the list! I've added them to my never-ending to-read list. I love reading other people's recommendations!

Jekka said...

I, of course, loved Tithe and Ironside. Thank you for introducing them to me. The others on your list I have not read so I will have to add those to my ever growing list.

Tara said...

Such good taste! There are only a few of there that I haven't read! I'll be looking for them soon!

Brassy Apple said...

oh LOVED the hunger games! that was a good one!

Robin said...

Thanks for putting some good rec's on here!

V and Co. said...

okay we def have the same taste in books i actually just finished tantilize and thought the same thing. i'm now reading book 3 of night world.
also the blue blood series is good the third book was too short and it gets a little more "twisted" (it's on your reading list on the side) let me know if you read that and we can talk about it. also i know i've mentioned the mortal instrument series but i REALLY loved that one!!!
i think i'm going to go do the hunger games next! can't wait!!!