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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get Away

As I type this I can hear the ocean crashing on the sand. I can feel the ocean breeze, smell the scent of the ocean on the wind, taste it on the breeze and I am happy because of it!! It's so nice and COOL here in southern California. I was hearing it's hot here, but not even on the drive through did I see evidence... sorry... 85 degrees is just so nice and so not hot. ;) We used to live here ... I lived here for most of my life. As did my husband. It's nice to come for a visit, dream about owning a beach house, but then remember the traffic... then we wake up. LOL!

Enjoy your weekend - we're enjoying ours!!


Denissa said...

Ha ha,:) I feel the exact same way! We lived there for about 18mths, and loved the weather and being so close to great things to do. But then I remember the traffic and it makes it all not worth it!

Celeste said...

Sounds wonderful!
I love time @ the beach too...I went yesterday. But, here in Florida - 85 degrees IS bad (because of the humidity!)