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Monday, July 6, 2009


Over the weekend I was in desperate need to sit at my sewing machine and make something other than camera strap slipcovers... don't get me wrong, I do love making a product you all like, but I just sometimes need a change!

So, I whipped up some pillows for my girls' rooms. :) I really like how they turned out! And, I even did the invisible seam stitch pretty darn well if I do say so! Normally I botch it - BAD! ha ha! Not this time. Good for me.

Here is Angelina's pillow...



And, here is Zoe's. The only thing with hers is that I wish I added more ruffles. Next time for sure. She loves it, and that's all I care about. I left the edges raw so they would fray. That's the look I was going for.




Lately I have had a huge itch to quilt. Just ask my husband. I am unaware of the reason for this itch. But I will scratch it very soon. My brother is getting married next month... I was going to go and be his photographer, but turns out, I am unable to go. :'( I am bummed about it. Truly upset to tears this afternoon. Then I started pondering a gift to get them. I want to do something very special since I will be absent. Of course, having this quilt itch, that's what I think I am going to do for them. To me a quilt is like an heirloom. I mean, how many of you have quilts from great-grandparents, grandparents, or parents? Or even aunts? Seems that they are passed down, and they hold grand and dear memories of the time "your grandpa and I cuddled under this quilt" or the times "we took this quilt on many a picnic", etc. etc., so on and so forth. A quilt as a wedding gift would be perfect! Something for the new couple to cuddle under, take on their picnics, snuggle their babies under, and everything else a quilt can do. :) Now for the perfect fabric...

I will also be making Angelina a quilt for Christmas, and after the Christmas gift insanity that was my mom's quilt last year, I will be starting her quilt next month or in September. Christmas is months away, but I NEED to be prepared this year, because I always take on a lot [too much] over the holidays, and I ALWAYS do things last minute. I hate that about myself, and therefore, I am going on a journey to change it! I may make Zoe a quilt too. We shall see.

OK, I am going now! Hope you are well! :)




Aunt LoLo said...

Love the pillows!

I've got the quiltung itch, too. I finished my first project - a quilted table runner - yesterday. My daughter's quilt is halfway cut out - I'm short about 6 fabrics short for my pattern. Good luck!
(I'm making the Clothesline quilt from Oh, Fransson...and I love it!!)

Candace said...

So cute, love those!!! You should start selling them!! Hey check out my new make-up blog


Denissa said...

Those are so cute! Love them :) How fun to do something different.

Celeste said...

Love those pillows!! I think it is a wonderful idea to make a quilt for your brother & his new wife. That is such a meaningful gift.


Celeste said...


I just thought of something, have you ever thought of making strap covers for camera bags? I think those would be really neat.

Brittany said...

I love those ruffly polka dots!

Just me.....Shelly said...

Hello hello! I am so glad my post brightened your day....remember...glitter can be a fun mess, LOL!

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the pillows...yum yum yum!

And, I think a quilt is a fabulous idea as a wedding gift. I know that I would have loved a quilt as a gift...something so sweet, so special and handmade, nothing would be better. It would be awesome if you could take your photography skills and get pics of them together and have them printed to fabric and have little blocks of that in the quilt.

Happy day!