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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A skirt

To my amazement, I actually made MYSELF a skirt! ME! For me! I never really thought that I would make myself clothes ... well, I did think that maybe I would after I lose weight. But, when I saw this pattern, I thought that maybe I could do it! And I sure did! This pattern is by Make It And Love It. Have you seen her blog? Oh man! In a week I have found some of the most amazing blogs, and Ashley's is definitely one of them! Definitely go check her blog out!

Sorry... no self body portraits just yet, but I will show off the skirt!



This skirt was actually very simple to make. Ashley's pattern/tutorial was SUPER easy to follow. Thank you for that, Ashley! I am a LAME LAME-O when it comes to patterns, so it was such a relief when I saw just how easy she made it for me. :D

And, sewing with the elastic thread was pretty darn easy as well. I had a a teeny problem with it at first, but once I realized that it was just because the elastic thread that goes in the bobbin was too loose, then I was totally fine. :) And now, I have a skirt. And I made it all in one night. I see many more in my future, and maybe some skirts and dresses [for my girls] with shirring in them.

I have a pattern by Sandi Henderson coming to me... I am terrified of it, but I think know I can do it, and if I do... I think I will feel like I can make anything - including a pettiskirt! LOL!

For now... I am off to cut fabric for a important event coming up. ;)


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Celeste said...

Wow! I can't believe you made that {cute} skirt in 1 night! I've tried making things w/ smocking & haven't done so well...LOL

Julie said...

Cute skirt! I so need to make some for me & my girls! What was the end result with the elastic thread? Do you have to wind tighter around bobbin? Or wind with no extra pull, as is? I wanna try this!

Mommafo said...

Good job, it turned out nice! Do you like the fit? I've got the elastic thread to make something like that, I've just been intimidated. :) Well the whole new baby thing didn't help.....

Together We Save said...

Wow - great skirt. Very cute. I can not sew and I really wish I could I am so jealous.

Ashley said...

It looks awesome!!!!

Denissa said...

Love it, and the color too!! :) I just checked out her blog last week too. I need a sewing machine!! :)