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Monday, July 13, 2009

What's this?

Do you see this picture?


Go ahead... take a gander at who's reading what. What? You think they're both mine? Ha! Think again... the book on the bottom ... that one is my SEVEN YEAR OLD daughter's book! Her book and my book are over 500 pages. My 7 year old is reading a book with over 500 pages!!!

That, my friends, is absolutely Insane!



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Celeste said...

That is AWESOME!! Way to go Angelina! (...I assume it's Angelina - if Zoe was reading that book - I mean, LOL)

Jekka said...

That is not insane that is WONDERFUL!!! I grew up with a mom who worked in a library so reading was instilled very early on. Too many children today don't realize the worlds that books can take you to.

Jessica said...

WOW!!! That is amazing, I teach
1st grade and I don't know too many that could read 500 pgs, even at the end of the year!!!

Tess said...

I seen an ad the other day to butthis system that will help teach your baby to read at an early stage. They showed children that could barely talking reading words from flash cards. Hah! You showed them. Your child is reading well without you spending big bucks. Way to go!! to both of you.