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Monday, February 23, 2009

6 Degrees Shy

It's hot today. 6 degrees shy of 90! If you know me, then you know that I HATE the heat. And, yes. I live in Arizona. Crazy, I know. My husband and I are polar opposites when it comes to the weather. He loves the heat - A LOT! While I hate the heat - A LOT! ha ha. I would be in heaven on earth living in Seattle or Portland. I loooove the rain, and love gloomy weather. My husband is currently living in his heaven earth, I think. It can be 110 degrees outside, and he is loving it. While I become a shut in. :) ha ha.

Anyway. It's hot, and in no way am I trying to rub it in to those that are still having 30 degree weather in the day. I wish it was that cold here! Trust me!

So... seems we skipped over Spring and are now into the beginnings of summer. Oh. Great. :( In February. At least next Friday I will be going out of town to North Carolina! It will be nice and cool there. Hey! If any of you are in the Raleigh area, and want a photo shoot... email me! That would be so fun! :) shealynn AT

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Giveaway day... not Wednesday. So, MAKE SURE to come back! You are going to flip when you see this giveaway! :D

Also, tomorrow is the LAST day to order in order to guarantee that you receive your camera strap slipcover before I go on vacation!!! Do make sure and place your orders by tomorrow - no later than 10pm Mountain time!! Go HERE to place your order. :)

How was your weekend?




elodee said...

Ahhh living in the heat! That's what I LOVE THE MOST about TEXAS! If if was 90 every single day I'd be just fine. Stay cool!

Denissa said...

I'm right there with ya on the heat! I don't like it either..I'm fine with about 80 and anything hotter than that is miserable!
Where I live trees are starting to bloom so I know that it is eminent that the heat will be here much too soon!
Don't know if you remember me asking about Twilight, I think that I was the only one who hadn't read them! lol :) Anyway I'm on New Moon, and I can see what the hype was all about! Can't wait for the DVD to come out!!