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Friday, February 6, 2009

Q&A Friday!

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Ok, well today is the day that I answer the many questions that I have been asked. But FIRST!! I just received my first RUDE comment!!! You read Dooce? Ha! Well... Let's "Dooce" them... What does that mean? Whenever Dooce/Heather Armstrong gets a rude comment on her blog, she posts what they said, and then tells them what she thinks about it. It is quite funny, and I highly doubt I will be able to do it as well as she does... but, let's give it a try!

Here is what "Anonymous" said:

Anonymous said...

"could you please tell us why in the world we would wanna ask you questions? are you that important NO! why don't you try too slim your weight before you think you're something."

I just love it when someone makes rude comments but isn't bold enough to use their real name... instead it's the cowardly annonymous. I am just going to kill with kindness here...

Thank you so much anonymous for leaving a comment on my blog. And, you asked me questions!! So, they will be answered in this Q&A post. It's so nice of you to take time out of your apparently busy day to leave me a comment, and be oh so rude! Oh, and you must be a psychic, because I am watching what I am eating all the time! Yep, I need to slim up a bit, so thank you anonymous for bringing that to my attention, because apparently, I think I am so important and everything that my weight is somehow affecting my big ego. Do come back anytime and be rude again!




You ticked my husband off, Anonymous! You shouldn't have done that! He rarely comments, but he did to you!

Michael Benner Says:


You are obviously one to talk. Why don't you quit being a coward that hides behind the anonymity of the Internet and state who you are when you have something to say. You could be a 13 year old punk, a 28 year old lazy person leaving with their parents or middle age adult that has screwed up their life and now can do nothing but belittle others but most of all you have no integrity, courage and self respect. If I were Shey I would just delete your comment from the blog and ignore your immaturity.


OK, here is the actual Q&A Part:

Thank you to all that have asked me questions over the past few weeks! First up, let's answer Anonymous' question from above...

- Nope, I do not feel like I am super important or better than anyone. Simply put... people have asked me questions, so I am posting the answers here. Period.

OK, real questions:

"What kind of camera do you use?"

I have a Canon Rebel Xti. Along with that I mostly use my Canon 50mm 1.8 fixed lens. {hoping to get a new camera pretty soon}

"What kind of camera do you recommend?"

Mostly, I recommend the Xti to those of you that are just starting out using DSLR cameras. It's not to hard to learn, and it's just a good camera! I have had mine for almost 2 years, and it's treated me well. :) It's also lightweight, and even the stock lens it comes with takes crisp photographs. I was going to get a Nikon, but in doing my research, Canon was just better. More features, sleeker looking, and it wasn't as heavy. { Nothing against all you Nikon users out there, really. I used to be a Nikon girl, but now I am a total Canon girl. ;) }

How did I get my Etsy shop "out there"?

I just do a lot of giveaways!! I have found that it's been one of the best ways to get your products seen. There are thousands of people on Etsy, so it's hard to just be "seen" without some form of advertising. I also have a friend who had experience on Etsy... she is actually the person who "showed me the ropes" so to speak. Thanks Erin!! ;)

How do I create a watermark for my pictures?

I made my in Photoshop... I have a brush, but for the ones on the pictures of "my assistant" I just used the text tool and wrote on them, and played with them a bit to get them just the way I wanted them.

Was "The Assistant" your hubby?

Yes!! That is my wonderful husband! :) He is the best!! He is always willing to lend a hand whenever I need it! He is also my biggest cheerleader and my website developer! :) That goes along with the father to my children, a phenomenol husband, and doesn't he have the BEST tattoos? :D

How did I find the blog that contained the stolen photos of your children?

They were FOLLOWING me through blogger! Oddly enough, I was wanting to visit my new followers, and noticed someone on there with the same last name!!! Clicked on it, and that's when I saw it. CREEPY*VILLE!!!

Where do you get your labels for your camera strap slip covers?

Glad you asked!! I get them here. She is GREAT!!!

Where do you get your fabrics? I love all of them that you picked!!

Well, thank you!! I get 99% of my fabrics on Etsy. I love supporting my fellow Etsy sellers... hence the reason I love to have giveaways for them here. Interested in doing a giveaway? Email me!!

The only other places that I would normally buy some fabric that I couldn't find on Etsy would be Hancock Fabrics or - sometimes Joann's too, but I am not a huge fan of their selection of fabrics.

How old are your girls?

Six and two.


Ok! I am going to stop there! The kids are napping {oldest is sick}, and I need to sew! I hope this answered your questions!!! If I missed some, I am sorry! Remind me what they were, and I will get them up! :)




Jenni Jiggety said...

Excellent answers and you handled the rude comment nicely!

Denissa said...

I'm so irritated...WHAT THE ????
I don't get it...why even bother. I like your approach. Can't say that I would've done the same.
Btw, I got Twilight. It was a little slow going the first 2 chapters, but now I'm WAY into it!! lol :)

Marie said...

Wow, I haven't gotten a rude comment yet, but it is pretty cowardly to hide behind an anonymous name. Not surprising though!

I just have a question about the 50 mm lens you use in addition to your camera. I just got a Canon Rebel XS for Christmas and was highly recommended to get the 50 mm lens. What does it do exactly and is it worth the $? I know you've gotten tons of questions, but I would really like the opinion of another mother and not some salesperson trying to get me to buy! Thank you for your time!
I would love to do a giveaway here some time...sounds fun!

Jolee said...

You and your husband both handled the rude comment well. Both in your own ways, but well. :-)

Sophie's Mommie said...

OMy I could not stop laughing. What a great entry thank you for sharing

Kori said...

You handled that rude comment very gracefully.

Also I won a camera. I know can you believe it. Anyhow I just placed an order with you.

Have to have that last Houndstooth. Hubby is gonna love it.

Aron & Suz said...

Honestly, what kind of person leaves such a comment!? it totally pissed me off and like everyone said, you handled it well. you are beautiful and *I* love hearing about your life.