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Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Assistant. :)

This is what my assistant did for me yesterday...


He cut about 10 or more yards of fabric for me... I love my assistant. :)



I had 146 orders in January...



Here's to a great love*ly February!

here is what happens when you cut 3 yards of minky... LOL! It was snowing! ;)




Thank you so much for all of you who commented and sympathized on my post last night regarding my stolen photographs. I am happy to report that the blog has been removed! :) Also, I will not stop posting pictures of my family on here... They will have my photography watermark on them every time. It makes it hard for people to steal pictures when you have a watermark. I will end up having my husband design a new one for me.

P.P.S. Guess what? My husband is designing a website for my camera strap slip covers and soon to be other products for your photography needs!!! Stay tuned! ;)



Jennifer said...

I don't understand why someone would steal photographs of your children?! that's so scary. I didn't see the blog, were they imitating you or pretending to have taken your photographs?

It's so sweet that your hubby helps you out! =)

Sophie's Mommie said...

I accidently posted my comment to you on another blog somehow, I cant fix it now but I am glad now that you have resolved the picture thing. I just love your blogs, thank you for sharing your world with us.

Denissa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you got everything resolved! I think that the watermark looks fine.
That is so exciting and great that you sold so many strap covers! I'm sure it was crazy at times, but atleast you have a cute assistant :) lol

michelestaples said...

I found you through etsy, and just had to say thank you for making these adorable straps. I will be ordering one, once I get my new camera in the next few weeks. I love supporting mommy businesses.
P.S. We just moved to NM from Flagstaff.

Brighton Early said...

ooh! I must have missed the last post! That is awful. I can't believe that people do that?!

kimber said...

My FAVORITE picture is the one of your *assistant* where all you can see is his manly tattoo and the PINK fabric. That picture speaks a million words. AWESOME! Should be in a magazine.

And I really like the look of the watermark. It's very classy looking and professional. I wouldn't even change it if I were you. It's beautiful. I love the stars!

Carrie said...

I love the watermark for your pictures. How do you go about creating one? I just decided to switch my blog to private so that I wouldn't have to worry about my pictures of my daughter.

Meg W. said...

would that assistant be your hubby? My honey is amazed at the sharpness of my rotary and dressmaker sheers. That's probably the only way to get him interested in sewing -- give him something sharp to use!

Λſαbαmα said...
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Laura. (from flickr) said...

Shey Hi, good you posted the link the blog here and I have spoken to help you, because that people will be afraid to steal your photos.
I want to help you in everything that is possible, because I love your blog, your photos, and even their daughters.
They are some very beautiful girls, you must have a lot of them proud. Do not stop posting the photos of Angelina and Zoe's not, because you have people who like the girls and really want to see them grow by the photos.
The tap Zoe doing?
Love, Shey. You have a great assistant! haha
Anything you need is just talk at flickr.

Cline Family said...

how fantastic! what a great assistant! and i need a photo watermark, is he for hire to design them? :)

Jolee said...

Now, THAT is an assistant! I am glad you got that other blog taken down.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Nice!! Your handsome assistant did a great job with the cutting!