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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where'd The Weekend Go?

It's Sunday - ALREADY?! Wow. This weekend was a blur! It's still ridiculously HOT here!!!!! While I live in one of the hottest places in the U.S., the fall/winter is *not* supposed to be 93 degrees. I have been having a REALLY hard time with this weather lately. It's been a hard adjustment for me for the past few weeks. Summer isn't an adjustment... it's hot. It's hot everywhere [almost] in the Summer. But, fall to me is not supposed to be this hot. It's so depressing. Halloween is in a few days... you wouldn't know it, though. Anyway... hopefully the weather will cool down soon.

Yesterday I took Angelina & some of her friends [and their parents went too] to see the movie High School Musical 3. Of course, the girls loved it! Angelina even got a bear from Build-A-Bear to go with the theme. :)

This morning we went to Ikea and got some shelves for our living room [pictures to come when decorated], we also got more baskets for our cubby shelving unit, and I got 6 yards of the fabric below to add some finishing touches to Angelina's room -- tub covers, closet curtains, and chair cushion... and whatever else I forgot about that I need it for. 6 yards... that's A LOT of fabric, but I will use every bit of it... hopefully I won't need more!!! ;)

And, here is a random picture of "our" stray cat, Slinky. We take care of her... other neighbors give her attention, but we feed her, and give her water. This is totally random, but she was willing to be photographed today, so I thought she could make her blog debut.

We were going to go to the fair today, but we decided to just go next weekend... that way Mike can get some much needed things done around our house. How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?



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