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Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Weekend Revisited

First!! Go to the right side of my blog and do my poll!! :) Only a few days left, and I would love everyone's input.

I fell in love a little more with Arizona over the weekend... Saturday it was 72 degrees, and Sunday 74 degrees! 2 perfect days filled with cool crisp fall weather. Today it's supposed to be in the 70's and tomorrow mid 80's. Then my love for Arizona will go back to where it was before this weekend... it's supposed to be in the 90's for several days following tomorrow. Boo! I seriously am SOOOOOOOOOO tired of the heat. I have tasted fall, and I don't want it to go away! No fair. ;)

Saturday we just hung around the house, and finished some things that needed to get done. Like cleaning out the garage... going through things. Separating in garage sale piles and keep piles, etc. This was the scene Saturday evening, though...

Yep! Never thought it could happen! Sweatshirts in Arizona?! Whoa! LOL.

Sunday Mike went to the Cardinal vs. Cowboys football game [Which the Arizona Cardinals proceeded to win!] with some of his buddies, so that left the girls and I a whole day ahead of us. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very well [and I'm still not - have a cold], but I pushed that to the side so that my girls would have a fun day despite Mama's cold.

First, we went to the DIY car wash so I could give my car a MUCH needed bath. Zoe has finally warmed up to it. She used to cry almost the entire time! This time while I sprayed the car I made faces at her, and played peek-a-boo. She liked that. Then they were laughing and squealing when it was time for me to spray on the multi-colored soap. They love that part. :)

Then we went to the pumpkin farm! We had a ton of fun there! The girls got "free" pumpkins to put stickers all over.

I say "free" because you had to pay to get into the farm, so they weren't really free. LOL. The girls got to see some farm animals, exotic reptiles and TONS of pumpkins. :) We got quite a few for ourselves. I was able to get some good pictures, despite the fact that I had to use my small digi camera instead of my Canon. I STILL can't find the battery charger. I think it's about time I just buy a new charger. LOL... especially since Zoe's birthday is THIS FRIDAY!!! Holy cow.

They even got free Krispi Kreme donuts! Yum Yum!

After the pumpkin farm we went to Costco to get some things. Is it me, or does everything at Costco seem to be either $8 or $10? Jeez! I do see the point of going to Costco sometimes, but man! I don't see the point of going there more than once a month! I would go broke if I went in there more than that! And, I STILL have to go to the regular grocery store too. At least I have enough TP and Paper Towels to last me at least a month. LOL. Hopefully more! I didn't find Costco's selection of products to be very good. In North Carolina there was another bulk store like Costco, but it was called BJ's. We had a membership there, and it was way better than Costco. Sorry Mom! I know you LOVE Costco, but I like BJ's way better. BJ's just had more of everything. More than just 1 type of woman's deoderant or more than 2 brands of diapers. So, anyway. LOL.

Today I am still sick, but hope to be better soon! I have 2 people hosting giveaways for my camera strap covers on Sunday, so I need to get my shop more stocked up! Not to mention I have a shirt for Zoe's Birthday to do, and more!! Better get busy!

Have a great day!



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mama said...

dude - Zoe's hair is soooooo FUNNY! Very cute how her pony tails stick out so far away from her head. OMG. What a CUTIE!!