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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Skirt & A Song

I did it! I made a skirt for Angelina last night! So I made a dress, a skirt and 4 camera strap slip covers in 1 day!! Yay me! ;)

Angelina's skirt turned out better than I had hoped!! And she absolutely beamed when I showed it to her. She could not wait to put it on and wear it to school this morning. :) I adore this fabric!! It is so cute and whimsical.

Sorry the lighting in this picture is terrible!! That's what happens when you are trying to take picture at night. Tungsten lighting everywhere. Makes your pictures appear orange. Yuck. ;)

I didn't do elastic. Just did draw string. Mike helped me too! He knows more than I do most of the time. :) His grandmother [Mum as all the family called her] was an EXPERT seamstress... remember my amazing wedding dress? She sewed the entire thing herself. So, anyway, Mike knows so much, because he spent so much time with Mum.

Proud owner of a new birdie skirt. Going to school to show it off.

Whatcha think of the skirt?

Got my absentee ballot!! Feels good to vote! GO MCCAIN PALIN! :D

Oh, and I am currently IN LOVE with this song! I have known about Debussy for a long time, but forgot that he composed this masterpiece... it's such an amazing composition.




Anna Willett said...

cute cute skirt!! post a pic of the wedding dress... you got me all curious now!

theSanchez' said...

Darling skirt! I enjoy reading all your updates!

Ricci said...

I LOVE that fabric! Very cute, Angelina looks soo proud in it.

lindsey said...

wow! you've been sewing a lot lately! your etsy site looks great. i love your fabric choices!

Melissa Abby said...

I want that skirt! It's so cute!