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Friday, October 10, 2008

Project Reveal

You all asked me to show you the projects I am working on when they are completed... so, here is one. A friend and I were talking yesterday, and I mentioned that I was going to make some baby gifts with some of the new fabric that I got yesterday [see post below if you're curious]. I told her specifically what kinds of baby gifts I was making, and she "yelled" through Gmail chat that she HAD to have some of these!! LOL. So today, I made 7 of them. Large, Medium & Small. They are so adorable!! What are they???

Oh, all right! I guess I can show you. LOL!

Baby Rattle Balls!!! They turned out REALLY cute! There will be boy colors soon too! Remember that orange, blue, & green Amy Butler fabric? Yea. That's the boy ones. And they will look fantastic!! So, check my Etsy Shop later or click on my Etsy box to the right of my blog. Not sure what I am going to name these, but they're for babies, and they have rattles in them, and they roll... what more could a baby want? ;) I LOVE them! What do you think?

Oh! Here are some random silly pictures of my gir

And, for something funny, go HERE. Could give you an hour or 2 of entertainment, don't ya think? ;)




Ashley said...

Very cute rattle balls! You could call them "shake rattle and roll" :).

Ricci said...

Very Cute, my friend Sara made some of these for her daughter and she loves them!

Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer said...

oh my gosh, I love them! ....but i dont have a baby - and dont have any friends with them :( . Maybe you can make some out of a canvasy/more durrable material for Dogs? Ive got a couple of those! ;)