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Monday, October 27, 2008

Now Labeled!

After Mike sold one of my camera strap slip covers to a fashion photographer last week, I decided that I needed sew on labels for them! I mean, it only makes sense! So, I ordered them, got my design proof, and then they were shipped. I got them today!!

Simple, but fabulous! Just what I wanted. :) If you want some of your own, visit her shop -- Mommie Made It. She is FAST! And does great work! So, from now on, every camera strap slip cover that is ordered gets a label! ;)

In other news... I made a chair cushion for Angelina's homework chair in her room....


Not much else... it's still hot! :(



1 comment:

Ricci said...

LOVE the Labels! I've looked at a few and not found an easy site to do it at. I will definately be looking at this site!