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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Projects & Birthdays!!

Been busy being sick, sewing and taking care of my girls this week. Today is my Dad's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

We hope you have a wonderful day. We miss you so much. Wish we were there to have birthday dinner with you. :) Have some cake for me!!
So, since my dad's birthday is t
oday, that can only mean one thing...

Zoe's 2nd Birthday is TOMORROW!!!!

Holy cow! I can't believe it. Where did this year go??? I will write Zoe's last monthly letter for her tomorrow, and from there it will be yearly like it is for Angelina. Of course I will then do random little notes about each little girl throughout the year. :) Just can't believe my little preemie girl is going to be 2 tomorrow. Crazy!!

Speaking of Zoe's birthday. We are having a little shindig over here on Saturday for her. So, I decided she n
eeded something special to wear. This is what I came up with...

The tutu is re-purposed. It was Angelina's when she was in ballet in North Carolina. She can't wear stuff like that in a ballet class here, so I thought... hey! I can use that! ;) I just took off the purple ribbon that was originally around the waist band and took the same fabric I used for the 2 and put it on the waist band so it would match.

I bought the shirt at Target for a couple bucks, and then did a #2 applique on it -- since she is going to be 2, ya know. ;)

Did all that in about an hour. So, I was pretty happy about that! LOL. I think it turned out pretty cute.

I have also been making more Camera
Strap *Slip* Covers for my shop. I changed the name of them by adding that word slip, because it seemed fitting. Them slip/slide onto your camera strap. ;) A few woman asked/offered to do Camera Strap Slip Cover giveaways in the next few days, so I need to have the shop stocked up. Here are the couple that I have made thus far: [of course there are more in my shop]

I had the Damask one [below] listed for less than a full day and someone bought it, so I had to re-list it this morning. LOL!

Well, that's about it for now. We are wanting/needing to have a garage sale this Saturday, so I have been trying to clean the garage and organize the sale stuff. LOL!! Not a fun or easy thing for me to do. There is so much stuff, and it is STILL HOT HERE! Supposed to be 92 degrees here. I miss the cold crisp fall weather.

So, what are your plans for this weekend? I am dying to know!! So, leave me a comment. ;)




Ricci said...

Really cute 2 top and tutu! Very fun. You are a busy girl, Happy B-day Zoe!

Laura said...

Happy BirthDay Zoe,kisses.

Aron & Suz said...

Happy Birthday, Zoe! Can't believe you are 2. :)

Shey, I love her outfit you made; too cute! And so fun that you are selling so many camera slip covers. nice work. xoxo