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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A smorgusboard post

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First off.  Thank you all so much for the nice comments on Zoe's birthday post!  I was neat to read your comments and read about those of you that have experienced having a premature baby.  It is traumatizing. 
Thank you for the comments in general!  They make my day.  Each and every one of them.  I love my readers!  SO, thank you for reading this blog, and sharing things with me, and letting me share things with you.  xo.

I have my laptop back.  *sigh*
It's so lovely to use it again.
Sitting on the couch, or outside or where ever I want to take it.

I wanted to share some pictures with you... since I can now do that without bugging my husband for his laptop.  I know he is glad that he fixed this laptop for me for that reason.  ;)

Anyway.  Let's start with pictures of Zoe and her Birthday cake...
Now... please forgive me people, these pictures aren't the best, but I was too sick to care.  I just wanted to capture the memory of it.

Here is Zoe's Owl cake.  Yes.  I made it.  The whole thing.  The cake from scratch, the frosting from scratch, and I cut out that owl out of gum paste that I dyed but did not make.  ;)


Zoe LOVED the cake.  I did too.  It turned out so much better than I hoped.



She said it tasted "yummy" too.  :) 


Seriously.  That is ALL that I took on her birthday.  Now looking at this I feel terrible.  How bad can I be not to take more pictures of her on her birthday?  Oye!  I seriously felt so bad, but I should have taken more... I will get a photo shoot with her this week to make up for it.

Here is what she got for her birthday... all of the following I handmade for her last week...

Photoshop Edits_2
Photoshop Edits_3

Photoshop Edits_1

Photoshop Edits

She also got the Owl Quilt I talked about in this post.  Along with the owl bank, and owl pillow, and a mushroom nightlight.  She was super excited with all her gifts.  :) 

Zoe had a really good birthday.  It was very low key.  We don't do any big parties or to do's for our kids until they are 4 years old.  It really doesn't make much sense to me to spend a ton of money on a party they really won't remember.  So I got stuff to work on her room instead.  And really... just give her cake, and she would have been just as happy.  ha ha!


We bought these frames at Ikea for Zoe's room [before I changed my mind and decided to do owls for her since she loves them so much].  Mike hung them in our living room, because we didn't know where else to put them.  They have say empty for a long time, but Mike came up with an idea to let the girls paint something to put in them.  So I let them do that last week...

Photoshop Edits_10

Photoshop Edits_9

Don't they look awesome?!  My 3 and 7 year old made masterpieces!  I have 1 more left, and I might paint a picture like theirs for inside to avoid fighting.

On Sunday while I lay comatose most of the day, Mike took the girls to Target to get some things.  They came home, and then did this to our little pumpkins...

Photoshop Edits_8

I absolutely love them!  I cracked up!

And since I am feeling better, I think my house needs some attention.  It's a MESS in this house. 

For starters... look at my sewing room!  I go in cut stuff sew, and leave.  Things are dumped on my desk by me and other people, ahem, no names.  So... the current state of my sewing room looks something like this...

Photoshop Edits_7

Mess!  Yes!  :)  I have so much to do in there.  It freaks me out, so I just leave.  Bad Shey!

I also have a bajillion books to read and then review for publishing companies... and more coming!

Photoshop Edits_4

And, I was sent these books... new covers inspired by the Twilight Saga...

Photoshop Edits_5

OK!  That's all for now!  Go enter that giveaway below!  A new giveaway will be up by tomorrow!!  Lots of blogging happening here!  :)
How are you?


GroverFamily said...
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GroverFamily said...

im guessing i missed it but who won the giveaway? i love those pillows..cute cake too!

chefamily said...

my craft room looks the same! Total mess! I so don't want to deal with it!
P.S. Did I tell you how much I love the cake you made? Cute!

Julie said...

As I had tweeted, I will be expecting this cake on Jan 29th 2010 =) haha

I LOVE the owls & both the pillows! too cute! the skirts too! I need to get busy making skirts/dresses for my girls!

Hope it was a great bday for Zoe! Whoohoo the big 3! =)

Chelle said...

Ohmygoodness...I am in love with the cake. And the skirts. And the pillows. Wow, momma!

Do you think you would ever make pillows to sell in your etsy shop? Because they are adorable!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

The cake and gifts are awesome! ;) I am so glad that you are on the mend.

I wouldn't even have enough guts to show my sewing room right now!

Celeste said...

First of all, Shey - that cake you made is so darn cute! Will you make me one for my day? ;)
Looks to me like Zoe had a great day, you are such a sweet mommy to make her all of those lovely things. should see our craft is so cluttered. I am surprised that I can actually function in there. LOL

Celeste said...

EDIT: that should say "b-Day" not just day... :)

Zarina said...

That cake looks great. If only any of my little people like owl (I actually have a FQ bundle stored somewhere among my stash)

Mrs Soup said...

You just were enjoying the experience so much instead of taking pictures! That's okay!

I love the cake and the pillows! Your owls are just adorable!

I'm also impressed you posted the photo of your sewing room! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do that of my messy house...

Polka Dot Moon said...

The cake is adorable!! LOVE the skirts you made :)

Jillian loves Owls right now too.....everything is "hoooot owellll" :)

Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lucky and cute Zoe!!