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Monday, October 12, 2009

Inspire and Love

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I wanted to share some things with you that I am loving and things that are inspiring me lately... these are things that I want to do around my house... eventually. :)


Zoe loves owls. Loves them. Which of course inspired me to theme her room around these lovely creatures...

I love this ...


Pottery Barn never ceases to have fabulous decorative inspiration...


I want to make these owls...

Olivia Owl - S1 Blue1

I love them! Super cute.

Olivia Owl - S1 Pink1

I was going to make Zoe a quilt for Christmas, but a blog/Twitter friend of mine told me about this quilt at Target...


I just fell in love with it, and the colors are perfect, and better than what I was going to do with her quilt. I am super excited to get it for her... even though she doesn't have a twin bed yet, she sleeps in her toddler bed, but soon she'll have a twin bed, I think.


Not to mention, Target has some accessories to go with this set! Look at this Owl Bank!!


Or this cute Hedgehog!




Amy Butler always has a boat load of designs, fabric and ideas I love...


I plan on doing this quilt for Angelina's bed for her for Christmas...


Cute pillow and color ideas!!


Halloween is coming... look how fantastic this setup is!


Now. Clothes. I am so inspired by these clothes... I want to make them all!

This yellow skirt... ummm... FABULOUS!


I am inlove with the top of this dress!! I wan to make flowers like that to adorn every shirt, dress, everything that I have or my kids have! Classy!


Ummm... self explanatory... The outfit... adorable. LOOK AT THE LITTLE GIRL! Doll face! I love Matilda Jane clothes! Love 'em. But, they are pretty pricey, so I result in drooling and wanting to make my own versions of those stinking cute clothes!


Oh heavens! I am dying here!


Not kidding! Dying of so much cuteness!


This tank... it's going to happen. I am going to make one with my own flare.


Phew! I am overloaded with ideas and inspiration! I love that!

Lastly... who would not want this in their house???

chalkboard wall

I mean seriously. Have you an idea of the hours of fun that would provide? You'd likely never hear from me again. Why? I would be forever drawing on the ginormous chalk board in my house. :)

What's inspiring you lately?


Little Buttercups said...

We're loving owls here too! Recently made three of the Bot of Whimsy owls and they turned out too cute, also the inspiration behind the 6 yr. olds bedroom revamp! Hey, great minds...

chefamily said...

so glad you decided to get that quilt at target! it is so stinkin cute!
i don't have a sewing machine anymore, but i want one, like NOW!
everyone is making the cutest stuff, i am totally inspired!

Celeste said... are right- those are all FABULOUS things! That chalkboard wall: genius.

Lately, I have really been loving the interior design from this blog:

She & I have such the same taste in design...oh, I just love her ideas!!

Sheree said...

okay, denise is right - the quilt is cutielious and those pants on those girls i need NOW! how adorable. thanks for sharing.

Chelle said...

I'm in love with every.single.item that you just listed! Wow. I love it all!

I really love the owl line Target has right adorable and sweet!

Mommafo said...

I LOVE that stuff at Target!!!! I was gonna get the hedgehog beanbags but I have nowhere to put them in this teeny tiny house! :) And no girls in twin sized beds! UGH! But owls are so cute. None of my girls think anything of them, but I just love love love them. What else....

OH! The pottery barn owl bedding. AAAH! And I'm loving all the ruffles. I just figured out how to gather on my machine, so I'm all about gathering. :P

You're fun, I wish we lived closer!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

stinking matilda jane!!! obsessed as well! there was a trunk show in AV today and I soooo wanted to go but just couldn't swing it time or money wise. but make some ruffled pants. they are crazy easy and really, really cute on.
that triangle quilt is awesome. looks easy yet tricky.

Ricci said...

Oh my, I LOVE those pants with the ruffles and the quilts too! FUN!!!

two red heads and two brunettes said...

I saw that owl stuff in the pottery barn mag and thought it was so cute!