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Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Club Discussion FUN!! AND - NEXT MONTH'S BOOKS!

Hey everyone!
We had SO much fun last night during the book club discussion!! I am so glad for those that made it, and we missed those of you that couldn't make it!!

For those of you that didn't make it... here is what we talked about...


Shealynn Q. 1 - So far, how are you liking Shiver? Chapters 1-17 #TBDbookclub


priddycreations By this point in the book, I felt like it was a bit cryptic & I had a hard time getting into it. #TBDbookclub

priddycreations However, by the time I hit 17, it was picking up for me. I do think it is an extremely easy read though. #TBDbookclub

chefamily @Shealynn I finished it very quickly. I loved the flow of the book and found the writing almost poetic. #TBDbookclub

jenny_inthepnw I thought it was good. i like how they show both points of view. #TBDbookclub

imwatchingtv i love #Shiver, just finished ch 17 #TBDbookclub

hjlkbc I am very intriqued by the book. I have alot of questions that I am looking forward to having answered. #TBDbookclub

chefamily @priddycreations chapter 17 did it for me too! that is when Sam and Grace really start to heat up! #TBDbookclub

maplecreek When I first start I was a little loose with the different views.. but started to understand quickly.. i like the book! #shiver

shereeg6 love it!! i agree with @jenny_inthepnw i like how they showed both views through out the book #TBDbookclub

Shealynn My Answer: I didn't find it cryptic, but I understand those who did. I found that Grace is annoying obsessive about the wolves #TBDbookclub

Shealynn I found this book very unique. I have read almost 100 books this year, and it was different than all of them. #TBDbookclub

priddycreations @chefamily Up until around 17 I felt like I was kind of reading 2 stories. I was glad that they became one by ch. 17 #TBDbookclub

jenny_inthepnw it was definately easy to see in my head. She did a good job portraying the feelings. But she is pretty obsessed. #TBDbookclub

priddycreations @Shealynn Yes. Agree about the annoying/obsessive part. #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 well you have to think that she is only 17? so are they all obsessive at that age? #TBDbookclub

chefamily i think it was because she had been bitten by wolves, so she was very drawn and yes obsessed with them. #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @maplecreek like what stories? #TBDbookclub? i think @shealynn is right - all teen fiction has a love story. #TBDbookclub


Shealynn Q. #2. Are you finding the characters convincing? Are they believable? Compelling? #TBDbookclub


imwatchingtv i do find the characters convincing.they are very real to me,i feel i'm in the story with them,it's that convincing #Shiver #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 I like that Grace is a loner inside a small group of friends #TBDbookclub

chefamily did anyone find it a little strange that she new the naked boy was her wolf? #TBDbookclub

LilButtercups The main characters were pretty convincing and the snooty sister of Jake was pretty good, but not too much with the others!#TBDbookclub

priddycreations @Shealynn I think she did a good job on the characters and I do think it is believable. #TBDbookclub

jenny_inthepnw i think the characters are convincing. i like that there is drama among the friends because you know all friendships have drama #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 @Shealynn his eyes were the key #TBDbookclub

Shealynn His eyes are the key! You are right! ;) #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 I love how Stiefvater described the wolves #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @chefamily i thought it was hot that she knew it was "her wolf"i would so know if it was my wolf if i watched them all the time #TBDbookclub

Shealynn Thank you @priddycreations for not thinking it was like Twilight other than love and wolves. LOL! #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @priddycreations you don't think Grace and Sam are complex? #TBDbookclub

chefamily for me the drama with the friends was very real. high school has so much drama, i liked how the other didn't sugar coat that. #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @shereeg6 i totally think it's complicated i just think they are willing to break those boundaries where Clary and Jace aren't #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 I htink what units this book with others in the love story between two worlds. #TBDbookclub

JewlznAZ Not Twilight on this end! Wondering why she hasn't changed like the others. ?? Just obsessed & she has the senses going. #TBDbookclub

imwatchingtv #Shiver has a total different feel to me than twilight. #Shiver #TBDbookclub

MamaCanon I thought the characters were pretty convincing but some of them could have been developed more for me . #TBDbookclub

chefamily i sooo loved sam from the start! everything about him! #TBDbookclub

Shealynn He was shot, ya'll... take in the entire scene... for me it was just obvious. ;) #TBDbookclub Random NAKED guy shot on your porch


Shealynn Who did you like best and who didn't you like? #TBDbookclub


imwatchingtv of course, I love grace and sam, i don't dislike any of them yet.not sure about isabel yet.she's been through alot #Shiver #TBDbookclub

LilButtercups Sam was/is probably my favorite! #TBDbookclub

chefamily i sooo loved sam from the start! everything about him! #TBDbookclub

Shealynn My answer... I loved Sam too. Everything about him. #TBDbookclub

chefamily @imwatchingtv it is really hard to like a character like isabel, isn't it? #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @Shealynn wanna slap Shelby #TBDbookclub

JewlznAZ I do like Grace & Sam. Not liking the she-wolf Shelby. Oops! Don't think she came that early! #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 Shelby bugged and so did Isabel but they both had their own personal reasons they were that way. #TBdbookclub

LilButtercups Beck was one of my least favorites, figured out early what he had did to Sam and didn't like him! #TBDbookclub

imwatchingtv #Shiver seems much more believable to me than twilight #TBDbookclub

chefamily i don't care for grace's parents! in fact that is one reason i am so happy that her and sam found eachother! #TBDbookclub

Shealynn I actually really like Beck. :) Especially towards the end. #TBDbookclub

LilButtercups @chefamily Fully agree! Her mother was way a total space cadet! #TBDbookclub

CarBear3 @chefamily @chefamily I agree! #TBDbookclub

Shealynn Yes! She-wolf. Don't much like her either. #TBDbookclub

Shealynn She was the only one [She wolf] that I really didn't like. Though Isabel wore on me quite a bit. #TBDbookclub

Shealynn Yes!! Her mom drove me NUTS! #TBDbookclub

imwatchingtv i did overlook the she-wolf... not a big fan of hers, see, told you i am need of re reading, LOL #Shiver #TBDbookclub

shereeg6 @Shealynn yes she-wolf = grounds for slap-nation...i don't like she-wolves (women who act like she wolves) in real life either #TBDbookclub

OK! I know that was long! There was more too! I ended up going on UStream and just talking to everyone and asking the questions verbally. We had SO. MUCH. FUN!

For the overachievers who have completed Shiver this month and wanted another book... your 2nd book is...

Thirteen Reasons Why
By: Jay Asher


I also asked opinions, and made my final choice for next month's book....

We are going to read...


I know you're excited!!!! If you finish it... then we will also read the sequel! We should try for that!


Do you think that you all could read The Hunger Games in 2 weeks??? It is 374 pages, and Catching Fire is 391.

These books are SO stinkin good and hard to put down... what do you think? Everyone go for 2 books? Let me know! ;)

OK! I am outta here! Next time I will post some pictures of a skirt I just made Zoe for her birthday that is ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW! I can't believe she is going to be THREE! I will also post some pictures and talk about other stuff. PROMISE!

Hope everyone had fun last night during the discussion! Meet you next week, same day, same time! :)


Sheree said...

i had a blast last night and so down to read ALL books. guess i am part of the overachiever club although most finished shiver before me. :)

chefamily said...

you know that I am down to read ALL the books. I ♥ your choices! and I am super excited to talk more with the bookclub!

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