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Friday, January 29, 2010

Answering YOUR Questions Pt. 1

I am going to be breaking up these questions you have asked, into a few posts.  I don't want the post to go on forever, because it will if I answer them all at once.  Not to mention, it's 11:54pm and I am in need of sleep very soon.  So, here we go.  I will answer 3 questions tonight...

Genevieve's Q:  What is your favorite cheese?

Shealynn's A:  My favorite cheese?  ha ha!!  This is a really random question.  But it made me laugh out loud.  I love random.  My favorite cheese is probably Fontina cheese.  It's delicious.  But I also love Brie, and plain ole American cheese.

Marie's Q:  How did you end up in AZ?

Shealynn's A:  Before Arizona we lived in North Carolina.  Prior to North Carolina we lived in California. The reason we moved from NC to AZ is because my husband got a job offer.  Isn't that why a lot of people move?  Seems like that to me.  Job transfers.  Have any of you moved for a job?  I know that wasn't really a super thrilling story.  But that's pretty much it.

Jacky's Q:  What are your girls' middle names?

Shealynn's A:  Angelina's middle name is Skye.  Zoe's middle name is Rae.

Casey's Q: What book is on your must read list this year?

Shealynn's A:  Oh gosh!  There are so many coming out this year!  But there are 5 that stick out.  :)  Crescendo [Hush, Hush sequel], Hunger Games #3, Radiant Shadows [Wicked Lovely #4 - I have the ARC right now.  Will read soon], Spells [Wings Sequel], Linger [Shiver sequel], Spirit Bound [Vampire Academy book #5], Burned [House of Night book #7], Vampire Academy book #6, Shadow Souls.... OK.  That was SO more than 5!  LOL!  Ok, so those are the books that I CAN NOT wait to come out.  :)  

OK, so that was four, not three.  Oh well!  I will answer more questions later!
I want to thank Candy over at SoBellaCreations for passing along the Beautiful Blogger Award!  That was so nice of you!!!

The Rules:
*Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
*Copy the award & place it on your blog.
*Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
*Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
*Nominate 7 bloggers.
*Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

So... 7 interesting things about me?

uhhh.... is this a trick question?  This is going to take me forever... 

1.  I hate drama.  Abhor it.  Sometimes I am dramatic, and I hate it when I am.  I change it immediately if I can.  I like life low key.
2.  I do not like to cook.  I will do it.  I will try to enjoy it.  But I really do not like it.  And you can't make me!  So neener neener neener!  :)
3.  I do not do the laundry.  Nope.  My husband does ALL of it.  That's why he's the best husband EVER!  
4.  I am impatient.  And that's enough said on that matter.
5.  I absolutely positively H.A.T.E. hot weather.  I don't think hate is a strong enough word.  Yes.  I live in Arizona.  Yes.  It gets like 100 million billion degrees outside.  No.  I do not like it here in the summer.  Ever.  I am sure this topic will come up in say... 3 months?
6.  I LOVE blog comments.  Love them.  Every one of them is read and they all make me smile.  So... leave me some comments and you're guaranteed to make my day!  I just love hearing from all of you!  And I am going to make a better effort to visit all of you and comment on your blogs too!  Cuz, I love ya!
7.  I love listening to music REALLY loud.  When my husband is gone at work and my girls are gone at school during the week... you can find me working in my office with ear drum shattering music playing.  Oh, and I sing to it too. And maybe dance sometimes too.  :)

Now I have to pick some people to pass this award on to.  Who's idea was this?  How am I supposed to pick 7 people?  That's not very many!  Ugh!  Ok.  Here goes:

Melanie - Fabric, Family, Fun [Above All Fabric]
Natalie Cline - Once Upon A Cline
Christy Bright - Beach Brights
Marie Villa - The Villas

OK.  Can I just say that picking only 7 people is totally unfair?  Thank you.

Time for me to go to bed now.  It's now 1:04am.  Told you that would take me forever.  I really just don't think I am that interesting.  

Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S.  If you want to win a camera strap cover, there are 2 chances right now.  Click HERE & HERE.


Celeste said...

:) I've moved a lot (but all within Florida)...and yep. It was because of my dad being transferred (military).

And - How super sweet of you to pass that award on to me!! Once I've got the Ever Blooming blog up & running - that'll be in the first post (:

P.S. I am with you on the drama. I hate drama. But, I love to cook... LOL

Jessica said...

Sent you an e-mail about the scarf tutorial. Not sure if you saw it or not. Love your blog!!

Robin said...

I didn't realize you used to live in NC- that's my home state and if I'm really really lucky one day I'll live there again and get out of hot horrid summers too:)

Thanks for the fun facts all about you. I love that your hubby does all the laundry!

And not surprisingly more of your must reads are mine too- you're got me hooked on a lot of excellent series. Thanks so much for that:)

The Herrenbrucks said...

Stumbled upon your blog from MckMama - just sent the link to your camera straps to my hubby b/c I was giving him a gift idea for me. I'd def love one! I had to comment b/c we live in South Florida and I HATE hot weather too. I am absolutely in the wrong state. Hmpf.

Anonymous said...

Just got a notification that my camera strap slipcovers are on the way! Yeayyy!!! So excited!

I am not a big fan of cooking but am trying to get better. Thankfully, my husband is pretty good at it.

Only ever lived in TN but have gotten to travel quite a bit. I have family in New Mexico and Phoenix.

Lastly, I am so excited for Burned. Just read on PC's blog that it is finished and will be released on April 27. Woo hoo!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

very sweet of you to nominate me :-)

Kiley Anderson said...

Just found your site thanks to MckMama and I already ordered a strap.. can't wait =)

Life With the Crazies said...

I am a native to Arizona... one of the few out there! Born and raised in Tempe, now living in Chandler. The summers are rough, if it makes you feel any better, my Michigan-born and raised husband finally can manage summers here... after 10 years!

Marie said...

very sweet of you to nominate fave fact is that hubby does the laundry...what a guy!