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Monday, January 4, 2010

Caught Her Sleeping... + NEW stuff.

I wanted to stop in real quick.
I can't stay long.
I still have orders to sew.
But, I did want to share.

First... Zoe fell asleep in my bed with me
this morning.
I was quite shocked!
But, I lept out of bed, and ran for my camera.
Had to capture her sleeping!
Such a rarity.  :)

I know she is sweet most of the time. [notice I said *most* - ha!]
But, when she is sleeping... seriously pricelessly sweet!
Then... she woke up.

And decided it would be funny to throw Mandy the owl at me.

It was funny.  :)
We both laughed.
One of those moments when she is
still groggy, but finds everything very funny.

This is her new owl.  She named her Mandy.


Angelina is back in school.
She is happy about it.
As am I!
So, that leaves me and Zoe all alone
to make our own mischief.
We're good at it... she is definitely better than me at it.  haha!


Last night.  I made 8 new camera strap slipcovers!
One of them is a brand new design!
I couldn't wait to share it, or the rest of them!!
So, I won't drag this out any longer...
Everything is listed in my shop, and is ready to ship,
unless otherwise stated.

Below is my brand new design!
SUPER happy with it!!!  It's named THE BOW TIE.  :)

Here are the other new fabric camera strap slipcovers...

Again, all new and all in my shop right now.  :)

And, seems I need to stop promising pictures,
because I still have yet to upload my Christmas
pictures!  Ooopsie!  One of these days I will get
them up here!  THAT I can promise.  ;)

Bye For Now!


Julie said...

Faves: bowtie, yellow/blk, hearts!, blk & white w/blue back. Nice work!! Cute pix of your lil one! =)

SoBella Creations said...

Nice Work! Love the sleeping picture.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of your lil' one... so cute!! The strap covers are adorable as well!! Have a fabulous day:)

Tess said...

Zoe is just adorable. Love her eyes. That shot is precious for sure. Mandy is cute. i love owls. Th hearts strap is my fav but hubby would not like hearts on the camera so I'd have to pic say the black and white scrioll fabric with red underneath. That is pretty too.

Jennifer said...

i love the strap with the little bow! So darling.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

She is such a doll.

And those camera straps just keep getting better and better!

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

I love the camera strap with the little hearts. Sew cute :)

Janessa said...

Looks like you have been a busy bee. :) I love pics of sleeping little ones. If I could ever get mine to sleep...sighhhh. Have a great day!

Celeste said...

Love the new covers!! Love. Love. Love!!

Zoe, what a cuddle-bunny!! {or, should I say cuddle owl?} ;)

We go back to school tomorrow - I can't wait to see all of my sweet "kindees" again! I've missed them

Miss Anne said...

Love your work!
Your daughter is precious!
and so are her owls! (pj's and mandy!)

Sheree said...

me likey the heart fabric!

SisterlyLove said...

The bow tie is seriously sweet!! But sweeter are the pictures of your adorable Zoe sleeping so peacefully. :)


Wishful Nals said...

beautiful photos!