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Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Blah

I am having a bit of the blog blah's lately.  Meaning I have no idea what to write about!  I love my business, but that's not all this blog is about, therefore, blogging about it all the time tends to get old.

So.... I need your help!  I need ideas!!
Don't say tutorials.  :)  I am working on TWO tutorials for you this weekend.  Can't wait to share them.
I will also be sharing my creative space/office with you too!  Need to make a trip to Ikea, and do a few little art projects and then I will share.  I look forward to seeing my own space when it's complete.  Whenever that might be.  But seems like I am just about there.
Anyway.  Ideas.  Do you have something you want me to blog about?  Anything at all, just let me know in the comments!

Also.  I get a ton of random questions from a lot of you!  So, this means that it's time for another blog Q&A!  I love these.  You all come up with the greatest questions for me to answer.  :)  So... ask away in the comments section!  Don't be shy, but please don't be rude.  Last time I did a Q&A - ask your questions post, I got a very rude comment.  I don't like those.  Don't think anyone does, right?
Anyway!  Getting off track here.

So, in the comments, please give me some ideas.  And, if you have any questions, you can leave those there too.  Oh!  I can't wait.  You all are so fun!!!  Now's the time to come out of lurkerville and comment.  ha!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Goodnight sweet friends!

And I can't not blog without a picture.  Or four.  :)  More from the session last weekend!


SisterlyLove said...

Awe! The last picture is SO cute! ideas. I think that little photography tips would be fun. You know take a picture and then show how to take it better? You are an inspiration!

A question....hmmm I wonder what your favorite cheese is? :)


Marie said...

I think your blog is great...the pictures area always eye candy and you have a pretty good balance of family, business and photography.

I usually blog about my family b/c that's what my blog is all about and was geared towards family to read that I don't see...sometimes I add crafty/business stuff for fun. Anyways, more ideas would be phototgraphy tips and what you like to do during photog sessions that make it better. Maybe more around your house. I always love seeing the way people design their homes especially if they are great designers with their stuff in their business.

Random question: How did you end up in AZ?

Have a blessed day!

LauraC said...

I personally think you should blog pictures and more pictures from your last photo shoot! HA!!

I think the story about how you ended up making camera strap covers would be excellent. Also tell us more about living in the desert vs living elsewhere. How did the kids adapt? And how do you find time to craft with two kids?

Brandi said...

How about Branding a new business? This is what I'm working on now. How much to spend on the process, who to hire to create my logo...etc...

Also SEO tips for websites? I have great website but I don't think anyone knows it's there!

Amelie said...

and a photo contest ? monthly ? daily ? why not .....

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

i would love to know about photography...any tips would be great, also any great tips on how to grow your etsy business.


Jacky said...

Love these pictures! So cute. ;)

I've found myself in a kind of a blog slump lately, too. Whenever I need inspiration, I usually search for a certain color on Etsy...there's so much great stuff! As for ideas, tutorials sound great! I always like to learn new things, and the ruffle tutorial was great!

Q: What are your girls middle names? Random, but I like to know stuff like that. ;)

Melissa Abby said...

I don't really have any ideas but I did want to tell you I saw people wearing some of your strap covers on Mckmama's blog, I think every camera had one :)

Celeste said...

Let's see...
How did you and Mike meet?

...I love hearing those kind of stories :)

Casey said...

What book is on your must read list this year?

Dory said...

Ok well, small world! My camera strap arrived yesterday (LOVE IT!) and then tonight I noticed Beth @folded laundry earmarked a tweet to you - I recognized your name and followed you back here! I didn't realize you blogged too when I found your Etsy store. Small world, huh?

So.... hi!