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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sneak Peak & An Extension!

I got to meet a Twitter friend today!
She sent me a tweet about a month ago
wanting to meet me and book a photo session
with me.

Today was the day.
We had a blast!
Took pictures of her, and her family
as well as her sister and her family.

5 kids total and 4 adults.
I was pleasantly surprised at how
well behaved their children were,
and how smooth the shoot went!

I wanted to show a sneak peak of just
2 of the hundreds of pictures I took...

More to come!!

Also!  I am extending the deadline to
help Haiti!  So far I'm able to donate
$115 to The Red Cross.  All because of
the generosity of so many!
I am amazed.

the deadline!!!
Through Sunday!
Head to my shop now to help me
give Haiti some more HOPE!  :)

Mike and I are going on a date night tonight!

What are you up to?

P.S.  Please welcome 2 new sponsors to The Benner Daily!!
LoveBabyJ makes the CUTEST ever Pettiskirts, Tutus and more!
Go check out her website!  You will be oooing and aaahhing!

The Rusted Chain makes fantastic stamped jewelry!
She is currently donating money to help Haiti as well.
Go check out her shop!  You won't be sorry!


Celeste said...

Great pics!! what fun you ALL must have had!

Anonymous said...

yay for date night! if you post about it, please come and link up on my site on Tuesday for our Project 52: Date Nights!

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