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Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Gift E.V.E.R.

Besides my husband and children, of course!! ;) ha ha. What am I talking about? Take a look at what my husband got me for our Anniversary...


I LOVE IT!!! Yes, again from The Vintage Pearl. :D Can any of you guess where the quote is from? Leave it in the comments if you know. I helped Erin come up with this necklace, and told Mike a little bit about it... so, he has been conspiring with her for about 2 weeks to do this necklace. Got so many excuses from Erin as to why she couldn't complete the necklace "right now". ha ha ha! Now I know it's because she was making me one! ERIN! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!

Mike is out of town for the week. Boo hoo. I have lots to do, though! Always plan many things when I know he is going out of town. Being busy is the key to making it through the week. ;) I also have Friday to look forward to for other reasons! Mike and I are going out for our Anniversary. He is taking me to dinner and to see Twilight!!!! Woo Hoo.

OK, I am off to knit while Zoe sleeps! Here are a couple pictures of Angelina for ya!

I have found my pictures stolen before, and I know some of those people are still browsing my blog. So, I feel a need to remind them - you know who you are...

ALL images are the property of Photography By Shealynn. Please do not save to your hard drive, download, print or post any image from this blog.

I refuse to make this blog private, but will if I must. There are sometimes when I don't mind a picture being used, but ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST! *** To clerify... I don't mind if you use my camera strap pictures on your blogs to announce you are the winner of a giveaway or to promote them. :) It's the pictures of my kids that were stolen. ***

OK, sorry for everyone else! I needed to say that. Anyway, here the pictures!!! :)







emily said...

eeek! i used your camera strap pic on my blog, after i won...i'm sorry about that, i didn't ask! i hope you're not upset with me!

and BTW, the quote is from twilight/new moon/eclipse/breaking of those, right?

Aron & Suz said...

cute new pics of angelina. glad you and mike will get a fun date night. xoxo

Melissa Abby said...

That necklace is super cute!

Elizabeth said...

your necklace is gorgeous! lucky you!

i was thinking the quote was something from winnie the pooh - it reminds me of when pooh tells christopher robin - 'this is the best part of the day, when you and i become we.' and when piglet says, 'pooh?' and pooh asks, 'yes, piglet?" and piglet says, 'i was just making sure of you.'

December Taco said...

I love your necklace! I so want to buy something from your friends store. Happy Aniversary you and Mike have a beautiful family!

December Taco said...

Hey girl! You have inspired me to start my own blog site to let our family and friends see how we are all doing! I love how you write your girls letters too. I am not to computer savvy so I might have to ask you how to do something LOL!
I did not get remarried my husband and I separated but have worked things out. Unfortunately, things between Doug and I were just way to strained to reconcile but I will always have great love for him! Tell Mike hi for me!