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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time & Magazines

Have you gotten that feeling that Christmas is coming... and coming F.A.S.T.? I mean really fast? After discussing Christmas with Mike the other day, and then all but demanding that he get a label prepared to send to my mom so she could ship our Christmas tree here... I realized something. In a [little] more that 2 weeks - Christmas decorations will be going up! I am getting that feeling... which in turn makes me feel freaked out and rushed! I have many many projects I want to do, and suddenly, as I sit here this morning in bed, I wonder if I will have time to get them all done. I really wish that I could tell you about my biggest project, but I just can't. You understand I'm sure... you know with certain people that read my blog and all. ;)

And, yes, I did say "as I sit here in bed this morning". That is exactly what I am doing, and it is nice. Mike takes Angelina to school usually, and Zoe is currently still blissfully sleeping, and I am typing to you - from my bed. ha ha. One of the many perks of having children 4.5 years apart! You writing these benefits down, Katchen? ;) ha ha. Since you are the only friend of mine that will soon know what I am talking about.

I haven't been sucker punched with orders this week, so I have had some time to get orders done and sent. Along with some time for myself, which included a few magazines, and a knitting book. Suzanne... I got the book "Stitch 'N Bitch" yesterday. This book was recommended to me while at knitting class too! So I got it. ;) Read through it a bit last night. Looks interesting.

So, yesterday I went to the mall, because a few days ago I read that some actors from the up and coming Twilight movie were going to be at Hot Topic... ha! Like the idiot I am, I went not really sure what to expect... but what I should have expected is what I actually saw. Hundreds of teenagers, and moms alike waiting in line with tickets that they had gotten at 3am that morning!! So, needless to say, tickets were sold out. ahhh, well. I didn't even stay to get a glimpse... at least it was only the actors/actress that have a small role. We can't all get lucky and get the big shots... ahem - Suz. ha ha. So, instead, I went to Borders. And along with my knitting book [mentioned above], I got these:

Yes, I know some of you have a distaste for Twilight, or don't even know what Twilight is. But, I LOVED these books [incase you didn't know- I read each one 5 times]. So, I am sharing these... Skip down if you don't care. ;) LOL. The current issue of Entertainment Weekly - Twilight on cover. :D And, the Twilight Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. :D The movie comes out 1 week from tomorrow! Yipee!!!

I have also been reading through a few other magazines.

LOTS of great ideas in this magazine!!! But, did you ever doubt Martha Stewart? She always has the most amazing ideas... except when it comes to the stock market. ;)


I SO want to make the quilt on the front of this magazine!!! It doesn't look complicated, either! Maybe that will be next! ;)


And, the other day, Mike was going to the grocery store, and I added "Entertainment Weekly" to the list of things to get. Well, they didn't have the correct ET, because I wanted the current issue... so, because he knows me SO well, he comes home with this instead:


The whole thing is about Twilight the movie, and it's got behind the scenes stuff in it, and other stuff. Ahhh, yes. Nothing like mindless reading! ;)

So, other than finishing up a few orders, reading magazines, knitting, spending time with family, thinking a lot about Christmas, and an attempt to see actors like the crazed Twilight fan I am... nothing much going on here. ;) ha ha!!!!

I have made a few new camera strap slip covers!! They are all in my shop.

Speaking of!! Orders for Christmas MUST be in NO later than December 15th to ensure on time delivery! That is 1 month to get your orders in everyone!! Ordering now might be your best bet... since I am just telling you, and there are some strap covers that are *Limited Edition*. Wouldn't want to miss getting one! ;) So, go now, and order before it's too late!! They do make great gifts for any photographer!!

Leave me a comment.... what kinds of things are you making for Christmas? Anything?



P.S. Did I mention Christmas is coming FAST?! I am about to do the happy dance... or maybe I will just jump on my bed... since I am already in it. ;)


Ashley said...

Sounds blissful: fun reading, fun projects and being in bed! I can't wait till my kids are older. :)

emily said...

i want the twilight magazine (with all twilight in it!)
holy fun!

The Weaver Family said...

taking notes. good to have kids 4.5 years apart. train baby to sleep in past 6am. stay in jammies & sew durring nap time (i added in the jammie part). Read mindless things (does real simple count?). Eat m&m's just to feel my baby move (my note to self as well). Sounds like we are having the same kind of day. Keep on posting Shey. Your blog is called the Benner "daily" not the benner once a week. I check it all the time... I guess you are too busy dreaming of more crafts... =-)

Aron & Suz said...

sounds like you have been doing alot; hooray for S&B! you'll love it; she explains things very well, even for someone like me, a visual learner.

the line to see edward here was several thousand people long, i heard. sheesh! :)

i am getting excited about the movie...i so hope it is done well!

christmas--i'm making homemade cards and necklaces. i'll post pics!