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Thursday, November 20, 2008

On My "Desk" Right Now

Happy almost Friday!! :) My girls are sleeping, and I so need to be sewing right now, but I am here on the blog instead. Sewing to come as soon as I publish this post.

First order of bloggy business...

I see there are a lot of newcomers today! Welcome!!! Take a look around. I so hope you enjoy my little piece of the blog community. :) Feel free to leave me comments and say hello, or whatever you feel like saying. I will come visit your blog too!

Just a little reminder... if you are wanting to order a camera strap slip cover from my shop, all orders must be in no later than December 15th to ensure on time arrival for Christmas. The earlier the order the better.

This week has been a busy giveaway week for me! There is the giveaway going on over here, and here for 2 weeks, and lastly, I have been featured, on Today's Creative Blog!!! There is also a giveaway going on over there as well, but it ends TOMORROW at 8pm pacific time! So, go enter! She gave me one heck of a feature too! I was blushing while reading it! So So nice... Thank you Kim!!! If you have never been to Today's Creative Blog, GO! She features some really creative and cool people!!

I have now officially sold 13 camera strap slip covers this week!! I have finished about 6-7 of them, so I need to get my tushy in gear. ;) I have no sneak peeks of my Christmas crafts quite yet, but, I PROMISE to get them up soon... maybe this weekend. Not tomorrow evening, though. ;) I will be out to dinner and then going to see TWILIGHT with my husband for our Anniversary! I don't need to tell you how excited I am... I think it's self explanatory... but, a friend of mine, Suzanne, asked me to do a review of it after I saw it, so look out for that too, if you're interested.

Speaking of my friend Suzanne, she suggested that I do a "what's on my desk right now" post. I am happily obliging to that. :) Seemed like today was as good a day to do it as any other...



Orders are on my desk! LOL.

OK! Must go "work". Oh, and by the way... the Twilight Soundtrack is amazing!




Denissa said...

That post on the Creative blog is great! That is such a cool blog too:) I need to do a new post myself but I don't want to move my sweet boy down :(
Anyway congrats on all your orders and the giveaways!

Melissa Abby said...

I have the same Ikea baskets are you :)

Moi said...

congrats on being featured! Your ideas are really creative and fun! I will have to visit again!

Pamela Posch said...

Love your blog. so many creative ideas. Glad I found you from Kims blog! I'm off to visit your store.