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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hi again

OK, so I guess I couldn't stay away long. Mail came, and in it was a movie - Jumper. Watching that now, and resting. Zoe is in bed... laughing and squealing. hmmm. She should be sleeping! :)
I despise being sick... I don't get sick all that often, but when I do, I get the worst of it - so it seems.
Mike is sick too. Poor guy. And, we have no more soup. Oh poo. But, we have a lot of tea! Tea is good.

So, Ali from Domesticali asked me what the oddest thing in my kitchen is right now... I like that question!

The oddest thing in my kitchen right now is: sunscreen. ha ha! There is also a power wheels charger in there for Angelina's Barbie Jeep.

Is that odd enough?

Oh, and just so you know... Sew Mama Sew is having a Give-A-Way day on Dec. 3rd!! I am participating, so check back here for a giveaway!!! There are going to be lots of others doing giveaways too! Sounds fun!

My brain is fried! Time to really rest...



P.S. See the below post for a giveaway going on right now.


Denissa said...

Ok, first I have to comment on a previuos post about someone copying a pic of your daughter...why?? That is just crazy that you even have to repeat that! Your necklace from your hubby is beautiful! I love Erin's jewelry and blog. I'm anxiuosly awaiting a strap that I ordered for a present :) I can't believe how many blogs are doing giveaways for your straps, that is awesome! Congrats :)

Marcela said...

Awww shay I hope you guys feel better soon!